"Aunts and Butlers" by Robin Johnson (with thanks to Tommy Herbert) This game is written in a browser-based Javascript system. Open the file "auntsandbutlers.html" and you will be able to play. Note that Microsoft Internet Explorer might be suspicious of the scripts - please do enable them. I don't know why this is: it happens when you are opening the game file from your own hard disk, but not when you are viewing it over the web. Save and restore are implemented via cookies: use SAVE (NAME) and LOAD (NAME). Single-level UNDO is also implemented. And now, the walkthrough... x cup get cup w u s x iou x letter get iou get letter n d s x cedilla get suitcase n w x trunk open trunk say password x tailcoat get tailcoat wear it e s take off coat open suitcase x urn open urn drop urn get ash x ash n e [to drawing room] hit cedilla [note: This isn't a good idea, but you'll get away with it once. This mysterious butler will - for a while - pop up when you're about to dosomething that isn't a good idea. If you try again, you'll lose (so save first, or undo afterwards.)] talk to cedilla give cedilla teacup w w n [to scullery] x water fill cup put ash in cup x cup drink cup [again, this isn't the right move] s e e [back to drawing room] give tea to cedilla ask cedilla about gladstone ask cedilla about virgule [and various other things] out out s in read notice s [to station platform] z z z z [virgule arrives] x virgule x gun get gun ask virgule about cedilla ask virgule about america ask virgule about england ask virgule about gun [pheasants eh?] n n n [to village green] w in x plank talk to plank give plank iou give plank letter get letter read letter [hmmm...] get box open box get hat x hat [stuffed pheasant, eh?] wear hat [again, not good] e e n n e [back to drawing room] give hat to aunt z z [and now the plot thickens!] out scream z [or anything, really] ring bell [From this point on, the butler has become a 'regular' NPC. He can - after he is out of jail - be summoned by ringing the bell, and may give help or check you if you're about to do a Wrong Move. But he will no longer turn up to give warnings automatically.] x corpse eat corpse take corpse play piano [actually this has no effect whatsoever.] out out s w w n [to police cell] x butler [The butler can be asked about all sorts of things.] out out e [to village green] ne n n x divide n [Yes, it's a maze. Yes, you can die if you wander in early (but the butler will tell you not to, if possible.) Yes, it has a trivial solution once you get to the right stage in the game.] w [following the error in the pigeon's orbit] n n n e s [to rag-and-bone yard] x haggis [don't eat the haggis! get haggis x alf talk to alf ask alf about the butler ask alf about the south ask alf about the north n [you do need to remember the way you came through the maze - Alf will follow and protect you unless you go off-track. It's deliberately a very easy path - just south whenever possible. If anything goes bad you can always UNDO.] w s s s e s [to divide] s s sw w w n [to gaol cell] s out e n n e [body is gone] w w ring bell butler, say password z [until Alf arrives] alf, say password [oooh, eldritch!] down [to "Below Stairs"] x portraits s w in read notice up ["dressed to the nothings" eh?] wear coat up ["dressed only to the ones" - aaah] out down se [to "Servants' Hall"] x crowd [Little sub-worlds branch off from the Hall via the service tunnels. You can do them in any order. This walkthrough does them in "chronological" order, which happens to run clockwise.] ne ne x flower pick it wear it sw sw [back to servants' hall] e read hieroglyphics e put organs in jar x embalmer talk to him [most characters have more than one or two things to say, so try this often] x amphora x sarcophagus close sarcophagus e push embalmer into sarcophagus e x cufflinks get them wear them w w w [back to servants' hall] se se x knight talk to him x crowd x lance z [jousting contests happen about 1 in 3 moves, at random.] get lance give it to knight z [wait for next joust] x hanky wear hanky nw nw [back to hall] s s x gloves x shakespeare talk to shakespeare get gloves wear them n n [back to hall] sw sw x window x wheel open window grab spoke ring bell grab stovepipe x stovepipe wear it z [until you fall off - now you're back in the hall] w w x wagon x tavern x desert north [or any direction but east or west] in x cowboy wake cowboy up shout x spittoon spit in spittoon up out get jerkin wear it e e [back to hall] n nw x typewriter type x typist talk to typist x tie get tie x dial turn up heat get tie wear it [nearly there!] se ne x fatty x machine x collar get collar talk to fatty put haggis on circle push button get collar wear it sw s [back to hall] x self [you are now wearing 9 items of clothing, i.e. "dressed to the nines"] nw w in up x poodle talk to poodle x bone get it give bone poodle throw bone get bone x will get it x window throw bone out window get will drop letter x letter [makes sense in context!] out out down read card n up e e [back to drawing room. Hazzah!]