This directory contains games playable in a web browser
(usually requiring Javascript and other modern features, but
playable offline from downloaded files).

Other web-browser-playable games created with specific authoring systems
can be found in [games/ink/](../ink/), [games/texture/](../texture/), and [games/twine/](../twine/).

tuid: 8pe83e92v4nvabic
ifwiki: Bee

Bee, by Emily Short.
(Re-)implemented in Dendry.

tuid: gkrznjva2uqmn4is

Beached! (Prelude) V3.0,
by Theodore C. Lim and Ewald Bal.

tuid: cbu3psg3dplvtgkr

Being a Thing, part 2, by R. Asu.

tuid: 5n71gnyubuiq370z

Choose Your Adventure! Version 1.0, by John C. Knudsen.

tuid: b9rktuj3232ndqkh

Dawn of The Soviet Ladybirds, version 1.2.6, by Christopher Merriner,
using Adventuron.

tuid: 4n9awhu22o8caou1

Demon Hatching, by Mxelm.
Implemented in Ink.

tuid: 70wywbixa57vy3sz
ifwiki: Devil's Food

Devil's Food, by Hanon Ondricek.
Written with AXMA Story Maker.
3rd place Ectocomp 2014.
(the original competition version is included in </if-archive/games/mini-comps/ectocomp/>

tuid: u3czphf1oijraetz

Kobold Crawl, by Aaron Steed.
Implemented in Ink.

tuid: exjdtu3brwp7240g
ifwiki: Let's Explore Geography! Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise

Let's Explore Geography! Canadian Commodities Trader
Simulation Exercise, Release 1.1, by Carter Sande.
(The original competition entry is in
</if-archive/games/competition2018/Lets Explore Geography Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise/>)


Love Unexplored, by Snoother. Part of RuinJam.

tuid: ewqmndkzozvwfi7u

New Year's Eve, 2019, by Autumn Chen.
Version 2, written with Dendry.
(the original competition entry is in </if-archive/games/springthing/2022/>


Results of Doom - Prologue, by Rayven Holmes.
Created with Squiffy.

tuid: o01r0j6u2fw7dmpb

The CryptoGame, by Manan Singh.

tuid: na6uvqa95rc12nsb
ifwiki: The Castle of Vourtram

The Castle of Vourtram, version 0.94,
by Alexandre Torres.
Converted from Quest to Javascript.
(The original competition entry is in
</if-archive/games/competition2017/The Castle of Vourtram/>)

tuid: ymgcw4550xf2n6ww
ifwiki: Writers Are Not Strangers

Writers Are Not Strangers, by Lynda Clark.

tuid: r8zabrh0a7rnk0fz

Fabled Journey, version 1.0.
A minimalist text adventure, by John C. Knudsen.

tuid: oo47au8aifrgwmpd

Girls' Day, by Nice Gear Games.
Implemented with Narrat.

tuid: w8gv9isqxu2im99u

A House Without Walls, by Dylan Kinnett.

tuid: ba66ifmij7bolse

Pageant, by Autumn Chen.
Written with Dendry.

tuid: ee014ekfuc0pje8f
ifwiki: Portcullis

Portcullis, by Robin Johnson.

tuid: i8qmnoqxxc00bkge

Pumpkin Pie for your soul, by Nils Fagerburg.
Ectocomp 2019.

tuid: tg42p18wowfz867x

The thoughts crossing my mind. And the ones stuck, by Zhanko.
Created with bitsy.

tuid: ajyyc2lfx5is61j8

You're Gone, version 0.2, by Madison Scott-Clary.

tuid: 6914cp5tz75v5dyk

Please tell me you love me, version 1.3, by Ellis Dex. Created using Ink.

tuid: fpkeg7nwqgoit421

Implemented in Adventuron. Version 1.0.30.
(Original IFComp release is in </if-archive/games/competition2023/Games/>CODENAME

tuid: 1m063pcu5cnumf0

Not Another Sad Meal, by manonamora.
Written with Adventuron. Version 0.2.0.

# twine

Games created with the Twine system

# texture

Games created with the Texture system

# ink

Games created with the Ink system

tuid: yub4q7zczoiab4be

Poetry and Passion, by Leia Talon.

tuid: blb52egcxg07ub23

Escape From Skuggar, by Jkj Yuio.
Version 1.03

# Off the Podium - One Last
tuid: 56y7utuhqmfhlz53

Off the Podium — One Last Lap, by Kaiser Fox. Made for Dialogue Jam 2024. Freeware. Can be played in English or Brazilian Portuguese.
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/html/portuguese/>Off the Podium - One Last]

tuid: 7a3bygg4wovsvf0t

EyeOS: Apple II Inspired Horror-Mystery Game, by trainspotter.
Version 1.0

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