The following are entries to Adam Cadre's "Chicken Competition",
               based on jokes about a chicken crossing the road.


Index             this file       The original 19 entries in the "Chicken Competition".
                  The included games are:
                    Chicken and Egg by Adam Thornton
                    Saied by Robb Sherwin
                    Are You Too Chicken to Make a Deal? by Mitchell Taylor
                    The Story of Morris the Chicken Being Helped by a
                      Squirrel, by Mikko Vuorinen
                    The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey?
                      by Sam Barlow
                    Learning to Cross by Mark Musante
                    Behavior by William Shlaer
                    Orpington by William Shlaer
                    Unity by Greg Ewing
                    Sisychickenphus by Lelah Conrad
                    The Chicken's Dilemma by Jason Dyer
                    The X Chicken by David Cornelson
                    Hey, I'm Supposed to Be Free Range by Opal O'Donnell
                    Chicken! by Gunther Schmidl
                    Chickens of Distinction by Liza Daly
                    Pollo y Camino by Jay Goemmer
                    The Chicken Under the Window by Lucian Smith
                    The Lesson of the Chicken by Rob Noyes
                    The Landing by Neil K. Guy

cutwind.z5        The Chicken Under the Window by Lucian Smith
                  Release 2 / Serial number 980728

cutwind.inf       Source code for The Chicken Under the Window       The Landing, version 1.2, October 13, 1998
                  This is an update to Neil K. Guy's Chicken Comp game

learn2x.gam       Learning to Cross, release 2, by Mark J. Musante.

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