Unless noted otherwise, compiled versions of these games are in either
[games/zcode/](../../zcode/) or [games/glulx/](../../glulx/).

# old

Older versions of some of the source files in this directory.

# 69105Keys.inf
tuid: j3rwlhuy6j6v79qj

69,105 Keys, a one room game by David Welbourn.
Release 1 / Serial number 090302

# 77Verbs.txt
tuid: p3rd5133qm5cwfd

Inform 7 source code for 77 Verbs, release number 2, by Brian Rushton
(writing as Prismatik). Make available under the (CC BY 3.0 US) licence.
(a playable version is in games/springthing/2020/77Verbs.zip)

# Absence_of_Law.txt
tuid: keqvw9c8p73wzizf

Absence of Law, by Brian Rushton.
(a compiled version is in
games/competition2017/Absence of Law/)

# Advent.inf
ifwiki: Adventure

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points
version ported to Inform by Graham Nelson, based on Dave
Baggett's TADS reconstruction "Colossal Cave Revisited".
Release 9 / Serial number 060321
[file is linked to

# Advent_Crowther_source.txt

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, by William Crowther. This is
Will Crowther's original, pre-Woods 1976 game, ported to
Inform 7 by Chris Conley.
Release 4 / Serial number 141211

# Advent_I7_source.txt

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points
version, ported to Inform 7 Aaron Reed, based on the earlier
Inform 6 version, and updated by Victor Gijsbers.

# Adventureland.inf

Scott Adams' Adventureland, ported to Inform by
Graham Nelson.
Release 4 / Serial number 970902.
[file is linked to

# Alabaster.zip
tuid: b2g8je1xxtqzei4u

Source code for Alabaster release 1, by John Cater,
Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee,
Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante,
Emily Short, Adam Thornton and Ziv Wities, and
illustrated by Daniel Allington-Krzysztofiak.

# Alpha.inf
tuid: nidzkipeux0uusqk

Journey to Alpha Centauri (In Real Time), an Interactive
Waste of Time, by Julian Fleetwood. Release 3

# Arid_and_Pale.txt
tuid: rve9kbxk9pkg6wej

Arid and Pale, version 2, by Michael R. Bacon.

# ArtOfFugue-source.zip
ifwiki: The_Art_of_Fugue
tuid: 7hvoj3p9khotuqca

Source code for Art of Fugue, by Victor Gijsbers,
Jimmy Maher, Dorte Lassen and Johan.
Licensed under the GPLv3 or any later version.

# Atrocitron.zip
tuid: hq83p361oqgfgdtt

Inform 6 source for the Atrocitron, release 1, by Michael Martin.
(the compiled game is in games/zcode/atrocitron.z5)

# AtroxSrc.zip
tuid: s5678j9ihb1ppkoy

Source code for Cattus Atrox, David Cornelson's entry into
the 1998 IF Competition. The archive contains the game
source plus a customized version of the Inform library and
several include files required to build the game.
(the compiled game is in games/competition98/inform/atrox/)

# Aug4Source.zip
ifwiki: Augmented_Fourth
tuid: cpwktis6qwh9ydn8

Source code for Augmented Fourth, release 4,
written by Brian Uri.

# Balances.inf
ifwiki: Balances
tuid: x6ne0bbd2oqm6h3a

Balances: An Exercise in Parsing, by Graham Nelson
Release 5 / Serial number 961216
[file is linked to

# BorderReivers.txt
tuid: trk9d7oqmfhkn359

Inform 7 source code for Border Reivers release 1, by Vivienne Dunstan,
as entered in IFComp 2018.

# Bronze.zip
tuid: 9p8kh3im2j9h2881

Source code for Bronze release 12, by Emily Short.

# CaveGlulx.zip

Cave, by William Stott.
A demonstration game, based on Dragon Adventure, showing
how to put sounds and pictures into a Glulx game.
Archive includes commented source code and compiled
Glulx game file.
[file is linked to games/glulx/CaveGlulx.zip]

# ChildsPlay.txt

Inform 7 source code for Child's Play, by Stephen Granade.
Release 4 / Serial number 080129

# Colonists.zip

Colonists, by Andrew Fuller.
Release 1 / Serial number 130911

# Color_the_Truth.txt
tuid: a746d3agtfizlx0x

Color the Truth, by Brian Rushton. Release 2.

# Comp99.zip
ifwiki: CompXX
tuid: a3thoxm83tzz8ihz

Source code for the 'front-end' game for the 1999
competition, providing information on all the games
and systems used to run them, plus the ability to
sort the games you can play into a random list.
Written by Lucian Paul Smith.
(a compiled version is in games/competition99/)

# Crash.zip
tuid: s89mwimo0eebq3p0

Inform 7 source code for Crash, by Phil Riley.
(a playable version is in games/glulx/Crash.zip)

# DashSlapneyPatrolSource.txt
tuid: sb2ynig6ia3mx66o
ifwiki: Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader

Source code for Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader,
by Andrew Schultz.
(the compiled game is in games/zcode/DashSlapneyPatrol.zblorb)

# Deadline.zip
tuid: p976o7x5ies9ltdh

Complete source code for an Inform port of Infocom's
Deadline, 17dec2000, by Volker Lanz.

# Detectivesrc.zip
tuid: 1po9rgq2xssupefw
ifwiki: Detective

Detective, originally by Matt Barringer. This is a
straight port to Inform, by Stuart Moore.
(the compiled game is in games/zcode/detective.z5)

# DragonTroll.inf
tuid: sd1bjzylh3t95zux

The Dragon and the Troll, originally written for the C64
in Swedish by Johan Berntsson, and translated to English
and ported to Inform by Fredrik Ramsberg.

# EtherSource.txt
tuid: wsjmvbv5tsyrsp9g

Source code for Ether, by Brian Rushton.

# Fablesrc.zip
tuid: kbuiu2xayq5qagp8

A Fable, originally by Stan Heller. This is a
straight port to Inform, by Stuart Moore.

# Fate-source.zip
tuid: az8jb9bddngurwr7
ifwiki: Fate

Fate, an Interactive Fiction by Victor Gijsbers.
(a playable version is in games/springthing/2007/Fate.z8)

# Figaro-source.zip
ifwiki: Figaro
tuid: xnpdrkjsezmjl2ha

Figaro, a co-authored revenge by Victor Gijsbers.
Innovation Comp Entry, released under the GPL v3.

# FormerlyHiddenNaziMode.zip
ifwiki: The_Game_Formerly_Known_as_Hidden_Nazi_Mode
tuid: 7a3yn4x0aor0jxfd

The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode.
A cute game for unattended young children,
by Victor Gijsbers.
Archive includes game file, source code and
accompanying essay.
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/zcode/>FormerlyHiddenNaziMode.zip]

# ForAPlaceByThePutridSea.tar.gz
tuid: 5oh10zbaxq8lwt8

Inform 7 source and development notes on "For a Place by the Putrid Sea",
by Arno von Borries.

# FragileShells.txt
tuid: xvnvmmm4yok7a25b

Inform 7 source code for Fragile Shells, by Stephen Granade.
Release 6 / Serial number 111109

# Frobozzi.inf
tuid: d4p85c0s06a5nr7e
ifwiki: Encyclopedia Frobozzica

The Encyclopedia Frobozzica (Abridged Edition),
edited by Nino Ruffini and ported to the Inform
format by Digby McWiggle.

# Gotomomi.tar.gz
tuid: cmqf5vw3v5y31r0b

Inform 7 source and development notes on Gotomomi, by Arno von Borries.

# GrooverlandSource.txt
tuid: hns325nqsfp9q8wk

Inform 7 source text for Grooverland, release number 4, by Brian Rushton.

# HLAinform.zip
tuid: ba6xlbvc9gq3fks9

HLA Inform: A Classic Quest. Originally written by
Paul Panks and converted to Inform by "Roger Pepitone".

# Heliopause.ni

"Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home"
by Andrew Plotkin. Release 6.
Inform 7 (5Z71) source code.

# Hummingbird.zip
tuid: zk9zssjb5avexx9b

Inform 7 source and ancillary data for Flight of the Hummingbird, release 2,
by Michael Martin.
(the compiled game is in games/zcode/Hummingbird.zblorb)

# IraqiInvasion.zip

Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure,
Interactive Propaganda by Anonymous.
Release 88 / Serial number 080131
[file is linked to games/zcode/IraqiInvasion.zip]

# Jason_and_Medea.zip

Jason and Medea, by Victor Gijsbers. Written for the Pax
East 2011 interactive fiction event.
Release 1 / Serial number 110307

# Limen.zip

Limen, by Elizabeth DeCoste.
Release 1 / Serial number 210814

# LMS_TVG.txt
tuid: m3553nzigj81nqlp

LMS The Video Game, an Action Interactive Fiction Game
by John Goettle. Release 7.

# MST3K1src.zip
tuid: imopnqh4llwkvfne

Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science
Theater 3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective",
by Christopher E. Forman, updated by Stuart Moore.

# MST3K2src.zip
tuid: xg4sdz91rtj847l6

A Fable, an interactive MiSTing-up of Stan Heller's
GAGS game "A Fable". Original AGT MiST-ed version
by Graeme Cree, ported to Inform by Stuart Moore.

# MagpieTakesTrain.txt
tuid: wfs8b2nphpeqrnaq

Inform 7 source code for Magpie Takes the Train, by Brian Rushton, release 9.

# NapiersCache.txt
tuid: 4np21bl7mr02wsk2

Inform 7 source code for Napier's Cache release 1, by Vivienne Dunstan,
as entered in Spring Thing 2020.
(a compiled version is in games/springthing/2020/NapiersCache.zip)

# OliviasOrphanorium.zip

Olivia's Orphanorium, a Casual Simulation,
by Sam Kabo Ashwell.
Release 3 / Serial number 121118
Archive includes game file and source code.
(the original competition entry is in
[file is linked to games/glulx/OliviasOrphanorium.zip]

# PlayingGames.txt
tuid: 7xxhw9da4j3ff3hd

Inform 7 source for Playing Games by Kevin Jackson-Mead,
Release 2. "Of particular interest will be the code to
print the mazes."

# Ralph.inf
tuid: og54uzaryp1nh1jh

Ralph, An Interactive Sniffing by Miron Schmidt
Release 9 / Serial number 040309

# Robin_and_Orchid_source.txt

Robin & Orchid, an exercise in photojournalism, by
Ryan Veeder & Emily Boegheim.

# SagebrushCactus-source.zip
tuid: 44vx0pl3rrfi533s

`Mid the sagebrush and the cactus, by Victor Gijsbers.
Release 1 / Serial number 100918

# SameGame.inf
tuid: ph0y9c8b9ugvxdrv

SameGame, another episode in the Z-Machine abuse
saga, by Kevin Bracey. SameGame is an implementation
of a simple arcade game and is also a stress test
of Z-Machine interpreters.
Release 1 / Serial number 980731

# SherlockIndomitable.txt
tuid: qqcypgszy8a48nsn
ifwiki: Sherlock Indomitable

Inform 7 source code for Sherlock Indomitable, by Brian Rushton. Made available
under the (CC BY 3.0 US) licence.
(a compiled version is in games/springthing/2018/SherlockIndomitable.gblorb)

# Snafufun.zip

SNAFUFUN, a simple hypertext adventure
originally written in BASIC by Chris Kerton
and converted to Inform by Duncan Cross.
Archive contains z-code game file, Inform
source code and the original BASIC source code.
[file is linked to games/zcode/Snafufun.zip]

# SpAdventure.inf
tuid: 5xpygvyn0oyt401b

SpAdventure by Jay Walton. The original Adventure
with a twist - you play as an Enchanter with spells.
Release 2 / Serial number 971030

# SpirI7wrak.zip

SpirI7wrak, an Inform 7 port of Daniel S. Yu's
"Spiritwrak", ported by Otis T. Dog.
Release 1 / Serial number 141218
Archive contains Glulx game file and Inform 7 source
(the original game is in games/zcode/spirit.z5)
[file is linked to games/glulx/SpirI7wrak.zip]

# Swigian.txt
tuid: cu0aiddqv6c2iati
ifwiki: Swigian

Swigian, by Mathbrush (as Rainbus North).
Usable under (CC BY 3.​0 US) license.
(a compiled version is in games/competition2017/Swigian/)

# Sting.txt
tuid: lk0vc4hy38wgohxx

Inform 7 source code for release 2 of Sting, by Mike Russo.
(a playable version is in games/glulx/Sting.gblorb)

# TheAlgophilistsPenury.zip

The Algophilists' Penury, by Jon Stall.
Release 1 / Serial number 120528
Archive includes game file and source code.
[file is linked to games/zcode/TheAlgophilistsPenury.zip]

# TheChildrenOfLoblollyLodge.zip

The Children of Loblolly Lodge, by wingjive.
Release 1 / Serial number 220117

# The_Eleusinian_Miseries.txt
tuid: 6gspor90p8s1s1b

Inform 7 source code for the post-competition release 3 of
The Eleusinian Miseries, by Mike Russo.
(a playable version is in games/glulx/The_Eleusinian_Miseries.gblorb)

# The_House_of_Mystery.zip

The House of Mystery, An Interactive Fantasy
by James G. Lynch. Version 1.1.3.
Includes Inform 7 source code.
Release 5 / Serial number 180929
[file is linked to games/glulx/The_House_of_Mystery.zip]

# The_Origin_of_Madame_Time.zip
tuid: o1vxrdu6kmr3sce

The Origin of Madame Time, by Brian Rushton.
Release 1 / Serial number 181010
[a compiled version is in games/competition2019/The Origin of Madame Time/The_Origin_of_Madame_Time.gblorb]

# Throw_Rock_At.zip

Throw Rock At,  by Adam Ferner. Release 1.

# Time.inf
tuid: mu7pqivu7nioidpz

Time and Dwarves, a small demonstration of how to use
the real time functions from within Inform, written
by Graham Nelson.

# Twisted_Tails.zip

Twisted Tails, version 1.0, by Phillip Lovetere.

# UMW.zip
tuid: f7fx44x2jw0dvqqm

Life of a UMW student, by Daley Jennings and Kat Raffa.

# Vampire_Ltd.txt
tuid: 8bemrzx5qbg477f3

Vampire Ltd, a Corporate Espionage Adventure (with Vampires In It),
by Alex Harby.
Release 4 / Serial number 210129

# ZorkI7.zip

Zork: A Computerized Fantasy Simulation Game.
This is the more or less public domain version of the
original MIT Zork, ported to Inform 7 by Dean Menezes
and updated by Jay Midura.
Includes Inform 7 source, Glulx game file, and files used for
testing, including notes, Glulx debug game file, walkthroughs,
result transcripts, maps and map source.
Release 4 / Serial number 190920

# acrossthestars.zip
tuid: a64jwvfed5vdsrcq
ifwiki: Across The Stars

Inform 6 source code for release 4 of Across The Stars,
written by Dark Star and Peter Mattsson.
(the compiled game is in games/zcode/across.zip)

# atssrc.tar.gz
tuid: rsjzz9w60k6o6od4

A Tight Spot, A Z-machine Sokoban by Quim K. Holland.
Release 1 / Serial number 000001

# awaken.inf
ifwiki: The_Awakening
tuid: 12pkmwaekw4suh7g

The Awakening, by Dennis Matheson.
A horror game based loosely on the work of
H.P. Lovecraft.
Release 1 / Serial number 980726

# back2wakeup.zip

Back to WakeUp, a Backpacker Tale by Daniel Roperto.
Release 1 / Serial number 080313.
Created as a part of Lab2, Computer Game Design course,
UTS, Australia. Archive includes game file, source and
a walkthrough.
[file is linked to games/zcode/back2wakeup.zip]

# bad-day-src.zip

Rachel has a bad day, by Sly Old Dog. Originally written
with ADRIFT and ported to Inform by Roger Pepitone.

# bazic-0.1.tar.gz
tuid: v0bpwacilg6qkrod

baZic version 0.1, an implementation of BASIC for the
Z-Machine, by David Given. The Z-Code file includes the
interpreter and several example BASIC programs.

# beneath.inf

Beneath: a Transformation, by Graham Lowther.
(a compiled Z-code game file is in

# beyond_zork_sample.inf
tuid: 08laspg8uuoysd2f

The sample transcript from the packaging of Beyond
Zork, implemented in Inform by Allen Garvin

# bigmama.inf
tuid: 4nijlgs7taq39vim

The Big Mama, by Brendan Barnwell.

# bishoes.zip
tuid: zy2o84xckwqgdn2l

Buried In Shoes, by Kazuki Mishima.
Release 4 / Serial number 090513

# bluechairs-source.zip
tuid: uva1vc6ico5u65zg

Blue Chairs, release 2, by Chris Klimas.

# bomber.inf
tuid: kbcjvrtghsw57ldp

The Mad Bomber - a Z-Machine version of the classic
Bomber game, by Neil James Brown. Needs an interpreter
that supports timed input, and an interpreter
supporting colour is recommended.
Release 3 / Serial number 971123

# boothdye.inf
tuid: mjh2cehac8untebh

Pick up the Phone Booth and Dye, by Eric Schmidt.
Release 2 / Serial number 345678

# bunny_s.zip
tuid: r5igk4radvvxumbf

The Night of the Vampire Bunnies by Jason Dyer,
somewhat a cross between a black comedy and a B-movie,
ported from QBASIC to Inform by Patrick Kellum
Release 4 / Serial number 971205
(The original BASIC program is in

# btyt.ni

"Bigger Than You Think" by Andrew Plotkin.
Release 4. Inform 7 (6G60) source code.

# castles-1.1.tar.gz
tuid: j7xkckqtw6lx7k6v

Silicon Castles, an Interactive Board Game.
"Nearly Working" Version 1.1, by David Given.
Release 112 / Serial number 011119

# cia.inf
tuid: c8656ugbdfxth98f

CIA Adventure by Hugh Lampert, ported to Inform by
J. Kevin Thomas, based on a GWBASIC version by Pete Wohlmut
Release 1 / Serial number 961218
This game was originally published by CLOAD Magazine.

# coldiron.ni

"Cold Iron" by Andrew Plotkin (as
"Lyman Clive Charles"). Release 6.
Inform 7 (6G60) source code.

# devours.inf
tuid: 5e23lnq25gon9tp3
ifwiki: All Things Devours

All Things Devours, by "half sick of shadows" (Toby Ord).
Release 3 / Serial number 050325

# ditch.inf
tuid: 2ungxx2lyy5sob4g

Ditch Day Drifter, Michael J. Roberts' example TADS game,
translated to Inform 5.5 by Chris Markwyn.
The translation is only partial, with most of the surface
rooms and objects done, but none of the major puzzles.

# dogslife.inf
tuid: pflmbv4qf44s7n7f

It's a Dog's Life, an interactive Heeling,
by "Mr. WiggleButt". Release 1

# dreamhold-src.tar.gz
tuid: 3myqnrs64nbtwdaz
ifwiki: The Dreamhold

The Dreamhold, a tutorial adventure by Andrew Plotkin.
(the compiled games is in games/zcode/dreamhold.z8)

# dualtransform.ni
tuid: xfezh9wz188ihlel
ifwiki: Dual Transform

"Dual Transform" by Andrew Plotkin
(as "Nigel Smith"). Release 5.
Inform 7 (5Z71) source code.

# eliza.zip
tuid: fh8iwavcu4ldm98i

Eliza, a version of the well known program which
simulates a conversation with a psychiatrist, ported
to Inform by Ricardo Dague.
The archive contains the zcode file, Inform source,
Basic source on which this version is based, and a
sample transcript.
[file is linked from games/zcode/eliza.zip]

# entangled.zip
tuid: kgsm2kt7uq391eqa

Inform 6 source code for Entangled, written by Dark Star.

# fantasydimension.inf
tuid: 9gcujue3zpxbhj6k

The Fantasy Dimension, a PunyJam 3 game by Johan Berntsson.
Release 2 / Serial number 230313
(a playable version is in games/zcode/fantasydimension.z3)

# fractalz.inf
tuid: f4dfr0ebodg6e118

Source code for a Mandelbrot fractal zoomer, written
by Peter De Wachter.

# freefall.inf
tuid: ohjrdv0wx6cd7zzx

Free Fall, An, uh, Interactive Z-Code Demonstration
by Andrew C. Plotkin. Release 2 / Serial number 951111

# ghosterington_night.zip
tuid: 6kko9va64c4o5jan

Source code for Ghosterington Night, release 3,
by Wade Clarke.

# glkchess_src.zip
tuid: kes9n0ngcurwzw4t

Glk Chess, by Simon Baldwin. A port of the chess playing
program MSCP 1.2 (by Marcel van Kervinck) to Glulx.

# glkebook_src.zip
tuid: fvdk7bfed2nxtrab

GlkeBook, a PalmOS pdb DOC format eBook reader,
by Simon Baldwin.

# greater-than-by-at-sign.txt

Source code to "> by @", written by Aaron Reed.

# gwsource.txt
tuid: orpfyagy1nn2ztcj

Gaia's Web, by Nigel Jayne.
Release 1 / Serial number 160104

# hugoshell.inf

Shell, an Interactive Starting point, by Kent Tessman.
A port to Inform 6 of the Hugo v2.5 shell,
ported by Gandof.

# huntdark-src.tar.Z
ifwiki: Hunter,_in_Darkness
tuid: mh1a6hizgwjdbeg7

Source code for Hunter, in Darkness, by "Dave Ahl Jr.",
aka Andrew Plotkin.

# identity.zip
tuid: ty2z1c41ec7i6mf6

Identity, an interactive science fiction short story
by Dave Bernazzani.
Release 7 / Serial number 041121

# iditchs.zip
tuid: 2ungxx2lyy5sob4g

Ditch Day Drifter, Michael J. Roberts' example TADS
game, translated to Inform 6 by, Neil Cerutti, based
on an earlier partial port by Chris Markwyn.

# iditchs-html.zip
tuid: 2ungxx2lyy5sob4g

HTML version of the contents of iditchs.zip.

# illum_src.zip

Inform 6 source code release of Illuminismo Iniziato,
for release 2 of game (post-comp release, serial
181001), written by Michael J. Coyne.
Archive contains all source code, images, audio and
libraries necessary for building.

# intothesun.zip
tuid: lxy7h4dph7979wfe

Inform 6 source code for Into The Sun, written by Dark Star.

# killing.zip

Killing the Doctor, by Victor Verbitsky.
Release 1 / Serial number 010221
Archive contains z-code game file, Inform source code
and a walkthrough.
[file is linked to games/zcode/killing.zip]

# kitten.tar.gz
tuid: kxvfs295b8adixqu

Source code for robotfindskitten, a Zen Simulation.
Originally written by Leonard Richardson, and converted
to Inform by David Griffith. Release 8.

# lecture.txt
ifwiki: Lecture_Feature

Source code for Lecture Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins.

# librarian_inform7.zip

Life of A Librarian (Inform 7 version), by Timewalker.
Release 1 / Serial number 130211
[file is linked to games/zcode/librarian_inform7.zip]

# life.zip

Life or Death, an interactive biological diversion,
by David S. Glasser. The archive includes a
Z-Machine game file and Inform source code
Release 1 / Serial number 980702
[file is linked to games/zcode/life.zip]

# lists.tar.Z
tuid: zj3ie12ewi1mrj1t

Lists and Lists, an Interactive Tutorial by Andrew Plotkin
Release 3 / Serial number 960823
(The game file compiled from this source is in
the original competition entry is in

# magic-toyshop.inf
tuid: 52x2zxt8ers4rxc0

The Magic Toyshop, a fun game for all the family
by Gareth Rees. Release 1, serial number 951018.
(The game file compiled from this source is in
the original competition entry is in

# medusa.inf
tuid: 29pgq4rm62zyk725

Medusa, an Example in NPC Conversations, by Jim Fisher.
Release 106 / Serial number 030314
The source code requires the ORLibrary from
to compile.
(The game file compiled from this source is in

# mhpquest.inf
tuid: fefl7lv3sdoawkhc

Quest for the Magic Healing Plant, by Adam Crutchlow.
Release 2 / Serial number 960613
Ported by the author from AGT to Inform.
(the AGT original is in games/pc/mhpquest.zip and

# mimesis.zip
tuid: n8c9whn8wjp1y422

Sins Against Mimesis: An Interactive Theosophy,
by Adam Thornton. Release 3.
Includes Inform source and makefile.
(The game file compiled from this source is in
the original competition entry is in

# mines.inf
tuid: 10lmbbwutsf2m3tt

Mines version 2010.10.29, a randomly generated maze
exploring game, by James L. Dean.
(the compiled game file is in </if-archive/games/zcode/>mines.z5)

# minster.tar.gz
ifwiki: Christminster
tuid: fq26p07f48ckfror

Christminster, An Interactive Conspiracy by Gareth Rees
release 4, serial number 961117

# mst3k1.inf
tuid: imopnqh4llwkvfne

Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science
Theater 3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective",
by Christopher E. Forman.
Silver Screen Edition, release 101, serial number 960831
(The game file compiled from this source is in
the original competition entry is in

# multistub.inf
tuid: 83u16atufbgun2zk

Multiplayer Inform stub file for use with ifMUD's
interpreter-bot Floyd, by Adam Cadre.
This file is a starting point for coding multi-
player Inform games.

# night.tgz
tuid: ydhwa11st460g9u3

Night at the Computer Center, An Interactive Nocturnal
Chase, by Bonni Mierzejewska
Release 1 / Serial number 961118

# njag_source.zip
tuid: fg73hgne2htwpbak

Not Just A Game, by John Menichelli.
Release 2 / Serial number 000319

# noroom.inf
tuid: p8txeb031n4dnxnz

No Room, by Ben Heaton.
Release 2 / Serial number 040117
(the original competition entry is in
and the game file compiled from this source is in

# odieus.inf
tuid: mtglkpecro1rq2mp

Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot
an AGT adventure ported to Inform by Teo Kwang Liak

# omniquest.inf
tuid: mygqz9tzxqvryead

OMNIQuest, originally written in 1988 in Commodore 64
BASIC by Chris Barden and Chris Ethridge, and adapted
for Inform by Chris Barden.
Release 2 / Serial number 040127

# once.inf
tuid: n3sy6kjl6l8ul9qg

Once: A Fable for the Lost, a TextFire demo by Chris Klimas
(branch.h, which is used here, can be found in
a compiled game file is in games/demos/textfire/12pack.zip)

# paperchase.inf
tuid: yq8eqjou1mk3sw2q

Paper Chase release 2, An Interactive Education
by Chris Skapura.
This game was originally published as a TRS-80 BASIC
listing titled "Collegiate Capers" in '80 Micro' magazine,
August 1983.

# paranoia.zip

Paranoia, a not-very-interactive future.
Originally from an article by Sam Shirley, implemented in
C on a Vax 11/780 by Tim Lister and converted to Inform
by Glenn Hutchings.
Release 1 / Serial number 981208
Archive contains a Z-Code game file, Inform source and
the original C source on which the game is based.
[file is linked to games/zcode/paranoia.zip]

# phlegm.inf
ifwiki: Phlegm
tuid: 64wb1kucje0a7l3p

Phlegm, an Interactive Interactive by Adjacent Drooler,
(aka Jason Dyer). Release 3 / Serial number 970804

# permagic.inf
tuid: bm7tel165u7oglf7

Perilous Magic, a really short interactive comic
tragedy, by David Fillmore.
Release 10 / Serial number 990821

# puerto.inf
tuid: j9exhifcypylzczd

The board game Puerto Rico, ported to Inform by
J. Robinson Wheeler.
Release 1.1 / Serial number 20050101

# puzzle.inf
tuid: d01a4d4clbl7856j

Puzzle, an Interactive Quickie by Andrew Schepler.
A short game containing a single logic puzzle.

# reading-src.zip

A Reading in May, a trial on Interactive Flash Fiction,
by Bahri Gordebak.

# reser.inf
ifwiki: Rock'Em_Sock'Em_Robots
tuid: k3efp2e5gvh64gsz

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, an Interactive Boxing Match
by Benjamin Mullins.

# reverzi.inf
tuid: fjlayhnu7to4zogo

Reverzi, Version 1.0, a port of Reversi to the
Z-Machine by John Menichelli

# risorg_src.zip
tuid: t0pidhghzbo91i12

Risorgimento Represso, an Interactive Invigoration,
written by Michael Coyne.
Release 4 / Serial number 060308

# robots.inf
tuid: hvnocxjj0z1q2pi0

Robots - Another Abuse of the Z-Machine -
A Nostalgic Diversion by Torbjorn Andersson
Release 6 / Serial number 980115

# roil.zip
tuid: 6yacvo40x2x8h94p
ifwiki: A Roiling Original

A Roiling Original: Squeeal! A Sequel! by Andrew Schultz.
Release 3 / Serial number 150327.
Archive includes the game file, source code, release
notes, a walkthrough and a map of the Store P area.
(the original competition entry is in
[file is linked to games/glulx/roil.zip]

# scary.inf
tuid: t4vkcv4fisg45bs6

Rippled Flesh, by Rybread Celsius

# schooldays.inf
tuid: oc4jf24yotpal4ve

Schooldays, an Interactive Story by Andrew MacKinnon.
Release 3 / Serial number 092800

# scopa_z6.zip

Scopa, a graphical (Z-code V6) version of the Italian
card game of the same name, by Aldo Cumani.
Release 1 / Serial number 110321.
Archive includes Z-code and source.
(file is linked to games/zcode/scopa_z6.zip)

# seacoral.inf
tuid: wicolxpm1tsj6rew

Sea Coral, a deep sea adventure for Punyjam #3, written by Jeffrey Greer.
Release 1 / Serial number 230225

# sensory.inf
tuid: 0ulrnusrwihmwefi

Sensory Jam, a demo Glulx game with graphics
and sound.
(a compiled version and resources are in games/glulx/)

# sgate.tar.gz
tuid: ylu1ii2vwpwx5gcc

Shadowgate, originally implemented on the NES by ICOM
(1989) and reimplemented in Inform by David Griffith.
Release 8 / Serial number 040616

# shade-src.tar.Z
ifwiki: Shade
tuid: hsfc7fnl40k4a30q

Shade, by Ampe R. Sand (Andrew Plotkin). Release 3.

# shuffling-around.zip

Shuffling Around, by Ned Yompus.
Release 4 / Serial number 150328
Included are the Glulx game file, Inform 7 source code,
a walkthrough, a PDF map, a heat map of relative
difficulties of sub-areas, and a logic document
describing the trickier puzzles.
[file is linked to games/glulx/shuffling-around.zip]
(the original competition entry is in

# sittmsrc.zip
tuid: 80n9e8st8qjnadcg

Stick it to the Man, by Brendan Barnwell.
(a compiled game file is in games/glulx/sittm.ulx)

# six_source.zip
ifwiki: Six
tuid: kbd990q5fp7pythi

Source code for Six, release 5, by Wade Clarke.

# snowed-in.zip

Snowed In, by Jason Self.
Release 4 / Serial number 220809
Archive contains game file and source code.
[file is linked to games/zcode/snowed-in.zip]

# sofar-src.tar.gz

So Far, An Interactive Catharsis by Andrew Plotkin.

# spacest2.zip
tuid: p3vgmr8ji1vckus7

Space Station, a science fiction story based on the
example transcript included with Infocom's Planetfall,
by David Ledgard, Release 2.

# spiderandweb-src.tar.gz

Spider And Web, Interactive Fiction by Andrew Plotkin.

# spiritw_src.zip
tuid: tqpowvmdoemtooqf

SpiritWrak, An Interactive Fantasy Adventure
by Daniel S. Yu.

# stiffmst.inf
tuid: 6g2wak6bb0ow7bjb

Stiffy Makane: Mystery Science Theater 3000
An Interactive MiSTing of Mark Ryan's AGT game
"The Incredibly Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane"
Release 69 / Serial number 690609

# stiffy.inf
tuid: kvw4jbopz0ly85jm

Stiffy Makane: Inform Edition.
Release 71 / Serial number 069105
An Inform 6 port of The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane, derived
from Drunken Bastard and Dastardly Coward's Mystery Science Theater 3000
version, by Drunken Bastard.

# stub.inf

A stub game file for Inform, providing a very simple
starting point for Inform beginners to use as a base
to build a game from. Written by Adam Cadre.

# taipan.tar.gz
tuid: zb0tnkkpzh6alwhx

Taipan! A game based on the China trade of the 1800s.
Created by Art Canfil and ported to the Z-Machine by
D. Jacob Wildstrom.
Release 2 / Serial number 020520

# teacher.inf
ifwiki: Teacher_Feature

Source code for Teacher Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins.

# the_job.inf

The job, a PunyJam #1 game by Fredrik Ramsberg.
Release 5 / Serial number 210930

# typosrc.tgz
tuid: pcxemfypj7d9fyoa

Typo!, by Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn.
Release 1 / Serial number 041119

# ugly-oafs.zip

Ugly Oafs. Save Green Terra! Repel the Wrath Pulse!
A wordplay game, by Perry Creel.
Release 1 / Serial number 150403
Archive includes Glulx game file, source code and hints.
[file is linked from games/glulx/ugly-oafs.zip]
(the original competition entry is in
games/competition2014/Ugly Oafs/Ugly Oafs.gblorb)

# under.inf
tuid: 055wty792vfyamss

The Underoos that ate New York!, by Gerry Kevin Wilson
Release 1 / Serial number 970329

# vespers.inf
tuid: 6dj2vguyiagrhvc2

Vespers, by Jason Devlin.

# vindaloo.inf
tuid: 1d98igkovonha9fo

Vindaloo, An Interactive Recipe by Adam G Crutchlow.
Release 1 / Serial number 960613

# visitor.inf
ifwiki: The_Visitor
tuid: o5unag8agon6g0yg

The Visitor, A Chat, written by Peter Polkinghorne.
Release 1 / Serial number 000321

# wallpaper.ni

"Delightful Wallpaper" by Andrew Plotkin (as
"Edgar O. Weyrd"). Release 6.
Inform 7 (3Z95) source code.

# wasp.inf
tuid: 5ce2utm21pedxj2f

Sting of the Wasp, by Jason Devlin.

# wcastle.inf
tuid: 5ee3nxfcwzzb9w1d

Wizard's Castle, originally from the July/August 1980
issue of Recreational Computing magazine. Written for
Exidy Sorceror by Joseph R. Power, modified for Heath
Microsoft BASIC by J. F. Stetson and ported to Inform
by Adam Biltcliffe.

# weather-src.tar.gz

A Change in the Weather, by Andrew Plotkin.

# wedding.zip
tuid: 5r1iabxsfwmz40ev

The Wedding, an Interactive Family Headache
by Neil James Brown
Source code for Release 2 (v2.19)

# werewolf.inf
tuid: 83u16atufbgun2zk

Werewolf, version2, a multi-player Inform game for
use with ifMUD's Floyd interpreter-bot,
by Evin Robertson.

# wof.zip
tuid: cn94bhjvsj4245ze

Works of Fiction, by Jean Benoit Ferrant.
Release 1 / Serial number 100515

# wscholars.txt

Weishaupt Scholars, an Interactive Secret History,
written by Michael Martin.
Source code for release 2, with some changes for later
builds of Inform 7 than were used to compile the
released game file.

# wump2ka.inf
ifwiki: Wumpus_2000
tuid: bsqx3xdl6epc52cu

Wumpus 2000, The Virulent Labyrinth Of Yob-Shuggoth.
A randomly-generated dungeon crawl by Muffy St. Bernard.
Release 1 / Serial number 041119

# wumpus.inf
tuid: wlbdh7n1ca7wy8oz

Hunt the Wumpus, originally written in BASIC in
1972 by Gregory Yob, and ported to Inform by
Magnus Olsson.
Release 1 / Serial number 991216

# wurm.inf
tuid: gjbvgx6f1o33rxqc

Wurm, a blatant abuse of the Z-Machine by C.V.F. Knight
Release 2 / Serial 021126

# yomomma-source.txt

Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma, an interactive
insult battle, by Juhana Leinonen.
Release 3 / Serial number 100228

# z-life.inf
tuid: 6qb6z8xlrclhifoi

Z-Life, an Inform implementation of Conway's Game of Life,
by Julian Arnold. Release 3 / serial number 960121.

# zbefunge.zip

ZBefunge 0.7 beta, by Francis Irving.
Befunge is a 2D programming language, and this
archive contains an interpreter for Befunge written
in Inform. Includes Z-Code file and Inform source.
[file is linked to games/zcode/zbefunge.zip]

# zcamel.inf
tuid: r8fn6ax9a10fna2x

Camel, originally by the Heath Users Group and ported
to Inform by Adam Biltcliffe.

# zchess.zip

Z-Chess, release 4, by Eric Schmidt. An abuse of the
Z-Machine that allows two people to play chess.
Archive includes Z-code game and Inform source code.
[file is linked to games/zcode/zchess.zip]

# zedfunge.zip

ZedFunge 0.7.3 beta, by Martin Bays, based on
ZBefunge by Francis Irving. This is an extension to
ZBefunge, adding almost complete support for the
Concurrent Funge-98 specification. ZedFunge was
originally named ZFunge.
Includes Z-Code file and Inform source.
[file is linked to games/zcode/zedfunge.zip]

# zombies.inf
tuid: p8prp8ker2m5rb0i

Zombies, yet another abuse of the Z-Machine. Written
by David Ledgard, based on Torbjorn Andersson's
game Robots. Release 1.

# ztornado.zip
tuid: 4wgs6i7jxgktgril

Z-Tornado, a two-player weather action game.
Originally written by Oliver Feiler and Rene Puls,
and ported to Inform by Sophie Fruehling.
Release 2 / Serial number 030711

# ztrek.inf
tuid: 6nwxvawygc1mm1y4

Super Z Trek, a Z-Machine implementation of the
classic Star Trek. Written by John Menichelli,
based on Chris Nystrom C port of a BASIC version.

# zugzwang.zip

Zugzwang: The Interactive Life of a Chess Piece,
by Magnus Olsson.
Release 2 / Serial number 990710
This is an update to the original, which was part of
the TextFire, Inc. hoax. The original is still in
Archive contains zcode game and source code.
[file is linked to games/zcode/zugzwang.zip]

# tristam-island.zip
tuid: 6gtq9ahrolz2ry2

Tristam Island, by Hugo Labrande.
Release 5 / Serial number 220830.
Contains game file, source, disk images, and feelies.
[file is linked to games/zcode/tristam-island.zip]

# The Loneliest House.zip
tuid: dja7lc7e92zg73ae

The Loneliest House, an Interactive Fiction by Tabitha O’Connell.
Release 2 / Serial number 231201.
Archive contains the game, walkthrough, and source code.
(file is linked to games/source/glulx/The Loneliest House.zip)

# the-grumpy-cricket.zip
tuid: wy1z1sfw55rdbolu

The Grumpy Cricket (And Other Enormous Creatures), a game for the mischievous by John Goerzen.
Release 1 / Serial number 231225.
(the compiled game is in games/zcode/the-grumpy-cricket.z8)

# byod.zip
tuid: aywe0eo0424tr92e
ifwiki: BYOD

BYOD, by n-n.
Release 2 / Serial number 230325.
Story file, ancillary material, and Inform 7 source code.
(the original Spanish version is in games/zcode/spanish/byod.z8,
and the original English IFComp entry is in
[file is linked to games/zcode/byod.zip]

# one-king.zip
tuid: jephaktzt5svmav1

Inform 7 source for One King to Loot them All, by Onno Brouwer.
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
(a playable version is in
if-archive/games/competition2023/Games/One King to Loot them All.zip)

# 'Steading of the Hill Giant Chief source.txt

Source code for 'Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, an entry in 2024's Really Bad IF Jam, by Mike Russo. Any noncommercial use allowed, with attribution.
(game is in </if-archive/games/glulx/'Steading of the Hill Giant Chief.gblorb>)
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/mini-comps/reallybadif/>'Steading of the Hill Giant Chief source.txt]

# guma1400.source.zip

Source code for Guma Adventure ]I[ by Alex Guma, an Inform 7 recreation (with enhancements) of the late 70s/early 80s HP2000/3000 BASIC IF game Adventure II/III. Original author(s) unknown.
Archive also contains map and walkthrough.
(the compiled game is in </if-archive/games/glulx/>Guma1400.gblorb)
[file is linked from </if-archive/solutions/>guma1400.source.zip]

# caverns.zip
tuid: ig23908psvui4gxx

Caverns of Chaos, a multiple-choice adventure. Original
written by Paul Martinez and Alison Castro, ported
to Inform by Lemonhead. Version 1.6792
Archive includes z-code game file and Inform source.
[file is linked to games/zcode/caverns.zip]

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