pinfocom, the Portable Infocom Interpreter by Paul D. Smith

# pinfo-2.36.lha

complete package for the Amiga
pinfocom version 3.00, Amiga version 2.36
pinfocom by Paul D. Smith, Amiga port by Olaf Barthel

# pinfo.zoo

complete package for the Atari ST
ported by Christopher B. Browne

# pinfocom-3.0.tar.Z

sources, makefile, README, man pages etc.


[same contents]

# pinfocom-3.1.src.tar.gz

pinfocom version 3.1.0 by Paul D. Smith,
updated with a command line option to control
the speed at which text scrolls up the display
by Christopher Shamis.

# pinfocom-docs-3.0.tar.Z

TeX DVI and PostScript versions of man pages
and Infocom data table


[same contents]

# pinfocom-ti.tar.gz

A port of pinfocom to the TI-89 calculator. Ported
by Nils Gesbert.


PInforic (Standard Release), an Infocom interpreter
for the Oric Atmos (with a Microdisc drive) or
an Oric emulator. Written by Jose-Maria Enguita and
Fabrice Frances, based on the PInfocom interpreter.
Plays Infocom Standard (v3) games.
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