# DebugTool_111.lha

DebugTool, for Infocom games and save files, by
Paul David Doherty.
Version 1.11, source code and Amiga executable.

# DebugTool_111.readme

A few words about DebugTool.

# Interl.zip

Interl, by Steve Nickolas, a program to convert Z2
and Z3 Infocom data files to Apple II disk images.
Includes the Interl program in QuickBasic, several
Apple II interpreter stubs, an example Curses disk
image and an executable of ap2inf.

# Language-Zcode-0.8.tar.gz

Language::Zcode version 0.8, by Amir Karger.
A Perl module that translates Z-code files to Perl.

# Sox.tar.gz

Beta version of the SOX sound kit (SOund eXchange by
Lance Norskog et al.) with support for Infocom format
sound files by Brian Kelley.
C source code for DOS, Unix, OS/2, OS9, Amiga, and
Windows NT.

# Zork0_Demo_set.lha

zork_demo_set.c (see below) compiled for the
Amiga by Rob Sullivan.

# ap2ifc.zip

A utility to extract Infocom game files from Apple II
disk images, by Steve Hugg.
Pascal source code and DOS executable.

# ap2inf142.zip

ap2inf v1.4.2, a utility to convert Apple II disk
images (the .dsk images that the Apple II emulators
use) to Infocom data files, by Stephen J. Tjasink.
Portable ANSI C source code and DOS executable.

# ap2inf142.lha

Amiga executable of ap2inf v.1.4.2, ported by
Patrick Kellum.
(the original C source code is in ap2inf142.zip)

# ap2inf142.tar.gz

Beos DR 9 executable of ap2inf v.1.4.2, ported by
Patrik Lantz.
(the original C source code is in ap2inf142.zip)

# atari800.to.dat

C source to convert single- and double-sided Atari
400/800 Infocom games to data files playable with any
interpreter, by Michael Jenkin.

# bas2inf.zip
ifwiki: Bas2inf
tuid: 6caq1sssnkciy0c4
ifwiki: Sunburst Contamination

A Basic to Inform compiler implemented in Ruby, written
by Johan Berntsson, which can be used to port old games
to the Z-machine. The archive includes instructions and
a sample game, Sunburst Contamination, originally written
in C64 Basic.

# c64todat.tar.Z

C source to convert Commodore 64 diskette images of
Infocom games to data files playable with any
Version 1.0a, by Paul David Doherty.
Use zipcode2.tar to create the disk images needed.

# c64todat.lha

Amiga executables of c64todat by Grue,
the Amiga Port Guy.
(the original C source code is in c64todat.tar.Z)

# cosmad.zip

An implementation of the Class One Security Mode Access disk that was included
in the A Mind Forever Voyaging package, written by Manfred Pfeiffer. Archive
includes Pascal source code and a Windows executable.

# d64toinf.zip

d64toinf and inftod64, two utilities to convert
between Infocom story files and .d64 disk images
which can be run on either C64 emulators or real C64s.
d64toinf supports V3, V4, and V5; inftod64 supports
V3 and V5.
Version 3.02, 22 May 2001, by Paul David Doherty.
C source code and MS-DOS executables.

# d64toinf-FreeBSD.tgz

d64toinf and inftod64 binaries for FreeBSD.
(the original C source code is in d64toinf.zip)

# d64toinf.lha

Amiga executables of d64toinf and inftod64,
Version 2.0, ported by Patrick Kellum.
(the original C source code is in d64toinf.zip)

# dat2zver.zip

A utility to rename Infocom game files into `*.zN`,
where N is the z-code version number, by Dark Fiber.
C source code and DOS executable.

# if2pdb.zip

A Perl script that converts Z-code or Hugo game files
for use on their respective PalmOS interpreters,
written by Rick Reynolds, based on z2pdb.pl and
[file is linked from </if-archive/programming/hugo/utilities/>if2pdb.zip]

# infocom-inv-xlat.perl

A Perl script by James Hulsey that converts the
InvisiClues files found here into a format similar to
the Scott Adams hints format, so you can decode
answers one at a time instead of reading all the hints
at one.
[file is linked to infocom/hints/invisiclues/infocom-inv-xlat.perl]

# infocompro.shk

InfoSnarf, a utility for the Apple II to extract the
game data from the older 5.25" disk format and save it
in the newer standard format, and InfocomPro, an
interpreter that runs under ProDOS.
Archive packed with ShrinkIt.
[file is linked from </if-archive/infocom/interpreters/old/appleII/>infocompro.shk]

# sndbreak.c

A utility program that takes an Infocom sound file
larger than 64K (e.g. a file created by SOX) and breaks
it up into smaller .snd files that can be played with
the @sound_effect opcode of Inform.
C source code, written by Jesse Burneko.

# soundcon_infmod.zip

A module for the Archimedes freeware sound conversion
utility !SoundCon. This module allows conversion from
popular sample formats, such as WAVE, to the Infocom
format (Mac DAT version).
Written by Rick Hudson, the author of !SoundCon.

# uninform.zip

Disinformation, a disassembler that produces Inform
source code from compiled Z-Code files, written by
Jeremy Smith. Includes C source code and Win32 console
mode executable.

# uninfdos.zip

16 and 32 bit DOS executables of Disinformation,
built by Steve Nickolas.
(the original C source code is in uninform.zip)

# zcut11.c

ZCut 1.1, by Stefan Jokisch. ZCut extracts Infocom
story files from disk images of any Apple ][,
C64/C128, Atari 800/XL/XE and Amstrad CPC Infocom
releases. When compiled for MS-DOS, ZCut can also
extract from IBM boot disks. C source code.

# zcut11.zip

ZCut 1.1, by Stefan Jokisch. ZCut extracts Infocom
story files from disk images of any Apple ][,
C64/C128, Atari 800/XL/XE and Amstrad CPC Infocom
releases, plus IBM boot disks.
MS-DOS executable and readme file.
(the original C source code is in zcut11.c)

# zcut12.zip

ZCut 1.2, originally by Stefan Jokisch and updated by
webulator. ZCut extracts Infocom story files from
disk images of any Apple ][, C64/C128, Atari
800/XL/XE, ORIC and Amstrad CPC Infocom releases,
plus IBM boot disks.
32-bit MS-DOS executable, source code and readme file.

# zipcode2.tar

Zip-Code 2.0, by Fuzzy Fox. A utility to create disk
images on a C64. Use this to create the input images
for c64todat.tar.Z

# zork_demo_set.c

A program to turn Zork 0 into a Zork 0 demonstration
game. The "Demo" version is contained in the game file
of Zork 0. If a certain global variable is set, then
the game runs in "demonstration" mode, where it starts
with a preview of some graphics in the game, then
switches to a limited area of the game for the player
to explore. C source code, 28 September 1998.

# zorkword.zip

Infocom adventure game vocabulary lister release 10
by Mike Threepoint. C source code.

# zt.zip

ZorkTools by Softbeard the Pirate.
DOS executable version 1.6 (2/19/85),
plus documentation.

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