This directory tree contains interpreters that are capable of playing games
written with multiple authoring systems.

# gargoyle

Interpreters built with Gargoyle, a Glk library offering high
quality font rendering.

# filfre

Filfre, a Windows Z-code and Glulx interpreter.

# ifp

A plugin based system, allowing different interpreter and output
libraries to be used.

# kronos

A Palm OS interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls, Z-code and
Scott Adams games.

# multiaventures

A MacOS Classic interpreter for AdvSys, AGT, Z-code, Scott Adams,
Level 9, Apple II Eamon, Quill, and C64 Basic games.

# rogue

A Linux GTK2 interpreter for TADS 2, TADS 3, AGT and ADRIFT games.

# zoom

A Mac OS X and Unix interpreter for Z-code, Glulx, TADS and HUGO
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