ifwiki: Magnetic

Magnetic - an interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls adventures
Written by Niclas Karlsson

Latest release: v2.3.1, 19th December 2023

# Magnetic10Arc.zip

Magnetic v1.0 for the Acorn Achimedes, ported
by David Lodge.

# Magnetic10BeOS.zip

Magnetic v1.0 for BeOS, ported by Tinic Uro.

# Magnetic10UnixX11.tar.gz

Magnetic 1.0 for Unix/X11, version 0.08,
by Jeff Mitchell.

# Magnetic20Epoc.zip

Magnetic 2.0 for EPOC v5 (Psion Revo/5mx/7/
netBook/Mako/MC218), ported by Simon Quinn.

# Magnetic20EpocSrc.zip

Source code for the port of Magnetic 2.0 to
EPOC, by Simon Quinn.

# Magnetic20Nokia.zip

Magnetic 2.0 for EPOC v6 on the Nokia
Communicator, ported by Simon Quinn.

# Magnetic23Amiga.lha
ifwiki: Magnetic for Amiga

Magnetic v2.3 for the Amiga, ported by David Kinder.

# Magnetic22DC.zip

Magnetic v2.2 for the Sega Dreamcast, version 1.2
of Eytan Kaziberdov's port.

# Magnetic23DOS.zip
ifwiki: Magnetic for DOS

Magnetic v2.3 for DOS, ported by Stefan Jokisch
and updated for v2.x by David Kinder.

# Magnetic23DOS32.zip
ifwiki: Magnetic for DOS

Magnetic v2.3 for 32-bit DOS (requires 386 or
better processor), ported by David Kinder.

# Magnetic22LinuxGlk.zip

Magnetic 2.2 for Linux, built by Simon Baldwin.
Includes XGlk, TermGlk and CheapGlk versions.

# Magnetic22WinCE.zip

Magnetic v2.2 for Windows CE, version 1.01 of
James Moore's port. Requires a Pocket PC 2003
device with an ARM processor.

# Magnetic22WinCESrc.zip

Source code for Magnetic v2.2 for Windows CE,
version 1.01 of James Moore's port.

# MagnetiX-1.0.zip
ifwiki: MagnetiX

MagnetiX 1.0, a port of Magnetic v2.2 to Apple Mac
OS X 10.4 or above, by Sandro Tolaini.
Archive includes executable and source code.

# JMagnetic2.3.2inst.jar

JMagnetic v2.3.2, a Java port of Magnetic 2.3, by
Stefan Meier. Requires a Java 1.4.2 compatible
Java VM or better.

# JMagnetic2.3.2src.zip

Java source code for JMagnetic v2.3.2, by
Stefan Meier.

# Magnetic231Win.zip
ifwiki: Magnetic for Windows

Magnetic v2.3.1 for Windows, release 16, ported
by David Kinder and Stefan Meier.

# Magnetic231Src.zip

Portable ANSI C source code for Magnetic v2.3.1,
written by Niclas Karlsson, David Kinder,
Stefan Meier and Paul David Doherty.
Also includes the source code for the Amiga, DOS,
DOS32 and Windows ports, Torbjorn Andersson's
Linux/Gtk2 port and Simon Baldwin's Glk port,
which includes graphics support.

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