Index          this file   Morten Lohre's Adventureland collection, version 2:
               ABASIC/GW-BASIC, QBASIC, and C source code of Adventureland
               (ported to C by Morten Lohre), hints, a walkthrough,
               C source code of a disassembler for the action codes in
               Adventureland, and general information about Scott Adams.
               (DOS executables of the C programs are included)

c64            Scott Adams' games for the Commodore 64.

scottfree      Scott Adams' games, converted to the format used by Alan Cox's
               ScottFree interpreter.
               (see scott-adams/interpreters/scottfree for interpreter programs)

ti99           Scott Adams' games for the TI99/4A.

zcode          Scott Adams' games, converted to Infocom's Z-code format.
               (see infocom/interpreters for interpreter programs)

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