Index               this file A hint reader that lets you look up individual hints from
                    the Scott Adams hint sheets in AdamsHints.tar.Z without
                    having to decode them manually, a compiler to create those
                    hint files, and the Scott Adams hints.
                    C source code and Archimedes executables by David Lodge.
                    [file is linked to solutions/]

AdamsHints.tar.Z    Complete hint sheets (not walkthroughs) to all the Scott
                    Adams adventures published by Adventure International,
                    including the code key from the end of Savage Island II
                    by David Librik, with additions by Paul David Doherty.
                    The hints are coded so you don't accidentally read more
                    than you want to.
                    [file is linked to solutions/AdamsHints.tar.Z]      Same as above, but with DOS CRLFs as line separators.
                    [file is linked to solutions/]         The offical hints, taken from the original AI hint
                    sheets (in rich text format) and maps (in GUEmap
                    format) for all the Scott Adams' games, compiled by
                    Julian Fleetwood.
                    [file is linked to solutions/]        Walkthroughs for 12 Scott Adams adventures
                    [file is linked to solutions/]

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