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Tools to help players and authors draw and generate maps of location-based interactive fiction.

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admap.tar.Z [14-Apr-1994]
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Adventure Map Utility v2.55, by Fredric Ihren. You specify your map in a script language, and a csh script makes a printable PostScript program out of this. Includes sample maps for Sorcerer and Trinity.

asciimapper [08-Jul-2005]

A Perl script to create IFM maps from ASCII art maps. Intended to be an easy way to draw a map and have it converted to IFM format. Written by Elijah Griffin.

cocoa_mapre0.6.7.dmg [22-Oct-2004]

A tool for generating maps of Multi-User Dungeons on Mac OS X, by Solidsun. OS X disk image. [05-May-1998]
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Frobot Magic Adventure Mapper for Windows 95, Version 1.2, by William J. Shlaer. Frobot is an automatic mapper that takes the text log or transcript of an adventure game (such as that produced by WinFrotz) and attempts to map the rooms and connections that were visited. This is intended as a complement to GUEmap, not as a rival. [10-Mar-1999]
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IFWiki: GUEmap

GUEmap 1.02, by Christopher J. Madsen. Interactive fiction mapping for Windows 95/NT: add rooms with a single keystroke, and drag them around to reposition them. GUEmap can also generate directions for moving around the map. Includes a sample map of Westminster Abbey. [07-Jan-2022]
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IFWiki: IF D-pad

IF D-pad, version 1.0, by Kara Goldfinch. A Windows program that allows you to enter directions into parser games via the keyboard number pad. [06-Dec-2016]
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IFKeyNav, by Roy Lazarovich. IFKeyNav is a simple Windows program that enables keyboard navigation in Interactive Fiction; using it you can navigate the game world by using key combinations such as Ctrl+Up to go north, Ctrl+Left to go West, etc. [23-Dec-2014]
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Interactive Fiction Mapper, version 5.4, written by Glenn Hutchings. Archive contains Windows executables (console mode, i.e. run from a command prompt).

ifm-5.5.tar.gz [30-Jul-2022]
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Interactive Fiction Mapper, version 5.5, written by Glenn Hutchings. Archive contains the source code.

ifm2i7.tar.bz2 [22-Jan-2008]

ifm2i7 version 1.01, a Perl program that converts Interactive Fiction Mapper format maps to Inform 7 source code, written by Sergey Goldgaber.

ifmap.tar.gz [26-May-1996] [link to if-archive/programming/editors/ifmap.tar.gz]
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IF Map Editor v0.1. A map editor for IF games, written in Tk/Tcl by Matthew Crosby. [file is linked to programming/editors/ifmap.tar.gz] [12-Feb-2001]
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IFmapper version 0.8.1 for Palm OS, by Ingo Kessinger

informap.perl [21-Jul-1999]

A perl script that draws maps out of Inform source code, by Toni Arnold. The documentation is in the script. Version 1.1b0 (beta), Serial number 990507 [01-Mar-1994]
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The Mapper, by Marc Mason. Automates the map making process: you type directions and room descriptions and the program figures out how to make a map. Freeware; Turbo Pascal source code included.

mapper20.exe [21-Mar-1996]

Informapper v2.0beta, by Exterminio Software. A map drawing program for Windows: you click on a grid to create rooms and connections, then you enter room descriptions, annotations, and so on. The result can be exported as a skeleton file for SINTAC (see programming/sintac). Caveat: Everything is in Spanish (but can be translated with a Windows resource editor and is rather easy to use, anyway). [08-Sep-1999]
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Map Maker version 0.11, a Windows program for mapping text adventures, by Jeremy Reaban. [07-Aug-2008]
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A framework for producing IF maps using the standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) language. Includes several sample maps. Written by David Lodge. [07-Sep-2020]
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IFWiki: Trizbort

Trizbort version 1.7.2, a drag and drop mapping tool for Windows, currently maintained by Jason Lautzenheiser, based on the code originally written by Erwin Genstein. Rooms may be placed on an infinite canvas, and connections dragged between them. Save as XML, export to PDF or PNG images. Can also export code to many IF development systems (Inform 7, Inform 6, Zil, Quest, Tads, Hugo, Alan, and Adventuron).