These are the entries into Marnie Parker's (aka Doe aka FemaleDeer)
2003 IF Art Show.

The complete information can be found at Marnie's IF Art Gallery:

# friendly.gam
tuid: 3vjy918gbf0s4cpd

Friendly Foe, by Fred Demul. Release 1, April 23, 2003.

# friendly.txt
tuid: 3vjy918gbf0s4cpd

Short note about Friendly Foe.

# ogres.txt

Short note about Ogres.

tuid: xc33iyxsn6qj7xib

Ogres, by Alan DeNiro (written in Alan).
This is the original version submitted to the judges.

tuid: xc33iyxsn6qj7xib

Ogres, by Alan DeNiro (written in Alan).
This is the updated version shown at the Gallery.

# queen.z5
tuid: mh87fd6w0cfku7sr

The Queen of Swords, An Interactive Fencing Lesson,
by Jessica Knoch.
Release 1 / Serial number 030426

# queenwalkthru.txt
tuid: mh87fd6w0cfku7sr

Walkthrough for The Queen of Swords.

# redeem.z5
tuid: 59d0udoc5ofsg7fj

Redemption, by Kathleen M. Fischer.
Release 1 / Serial number 030425

# stopnight.z5
tuid: s2s2nda0r0qoe4a6

A Stop For the Night, by Joe Mason.
Release 1 / Serial number 030425

# tarotreading.gam
tuid: 3d7hhywynrjbnl8t

The Tarot Reading, by Michael Penman.
Release 1.0, serial no.  030425

# reviews.txt

The judges' reviews of the competition entries.

# rules.txt

The rules of the competition.

# winners.txt

The winners.

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