This directory contains AAS .aas files, which can be used on any
machine that runs the AAS interpreters. AAS interpreters are
in [programming/aas](../../programming/aas/).

# CaveOfAdventure.aas
ifwiki: Cave_of_Adventure
tuid: m4d0gugq4w4tkgx4

Cave of Adventure, the sample game described
in the AAS manual, by "Roddy Ramieson". (Actually
by Stephen Granade.)

# CavernsOfDoom.aas
ifwiki: Caverns_Of_Doom
tuid: 58vxqzom3dd892bg

Caverns of Doom, by "Roddy Ramieson". (Actually
by Iain Merrick.)

# FabledCavesOfRthnylch.aas
ifwiki: Fabled_Caves_Of_R'th-nylch!
tuid: 6z83ay913jb192yx

Fabled Caves of R'th-nylch!, by "Pat Vickers".
(Actually by Adam Biltcliffe.)

# OfficeAhoy.aas
ifwiki: Office_Ahoy!
tuid: bzbzgh3muvvyx7nr

Office Ahoy!, by "Ken Taylor". (Actually by
Storme Winfield.)

# PleasurePalace.aas
ifwiki: Pleasure_Palace
tuid: 1yinx7s733bwzvts

Pleasure Palace, by "Cindy 'CandyFox' Phillips".
(Actually by Storme Winfield.)

# PrideAndPrejudice.aas
ifwiki: Pride_and_Prejudice
tuid: ubk6mepe8hf6z2hi

Pride and Prejudice, a game based on Jane Austen's
venerable novel. (Actually by Iain Merrick.)

# SexualConquest.aas
ifwiki: Sexual_Conquest
tuid: qeoc7zdpq3obcj6w

SEXUAL CONQUEST, an adult text adventure (XXXTA)
by "Linc Abrahams". (Actually by Gunther Schmidl.)

# aasmasters.aas
ifwiki: AAS_Masters
tuid: 2fo0u9hcpxsf53t1

AAS Masters, in which all is revealed, by "David
Banner." (Actually by Stephen Granade.)
(a zcode version of this game is in

# advent.aas
ifwiki: ADVENT_(AAS)
tuid: ullj64v8s5jlz48k

ADVENT, a Christian text adventure by "Arthur
Tavistock Jnr". (Actually by Iain Merrick.)

# darkness.aas
ifwiki: Cloak_of_Ultimate_Darkness
tuid: 5x6pw6ver9402ddy

Cloak of Ultimate Darkness, by "Roddy Ramieson."
(Actually by Iain Merrick.)

# deadbym.aas
ifwiki: Dead_By_Morning
tuid: dkcw33lj7z8rvmeg

Dead By Morning, an adult text adventure (XXXTA)
by "ninjaschlong". (Actually by Sam Kabo Ashwell.)
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