This directory contains games for some of Amstrad's 8-bit
computers produced in the 1980s and early 1990s
(the CPC series, the PCW series, and the NC100/NC200 handhelds).

Games are usually for CPC unless otherwise specified.

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A collection of adventures, written for or converted
to Amstrad CPC Locomotive Basic:

- Escape From Atlantis, by Thomas Ally
- Four Mile Island, by Chris Charla
- MAGIC MIRROR, Michael Taylor
- Miser, by Mary Jean Winter
- NOSFERATU, by M. Taylor
- The Mary Celeste, by D.B. Taylor
- Uncle Tay's House
- The Night of the Vampire Bunnies, by Jason Dyer

# crystal.txt

The Crystal of Nebumeth, by Ian Larkin, written
in BASIC (for Amstrad NC100/200).

# neptune.txt
tuid: f2gfraugha2ai8ju

Neptune's Caverns, originally written in BBC BASIC
by Steve Rodgers and Marcus Milton, and converted
to Amstrad NC200 BASIC by Timothy Surtell.

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