Citizen of Nowhere — 31 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 45 - Outside Number 10 Clowning Street

exprime is a room.

Printed name of exprime is "Outside Number 10 Clowning Street"

West of the city plaza is exprime

Description of exprime is "You are outside the prime minister's residence, where you have heard he is being held under house arrest. It is a smart looking town house with a black front door. "

A Doorstep is a scenery object inside exprime.

Description of a doorstep is "A heavily worn stone doorstep."

A cat is an animal inside exprime.

Description of cat is "A brown and white tabby cat belonging to the Prime Minister, a bit of a celebrity, his name is Larry."

Instead of stroking cat:

Say "You stroke Larry, he rolls over so you can rub his belly. 'He's a cutie isn't he!' says the police officer."

A black front door is a door inside the exprime.

A Police Officer is a female person inside exprime.

Description of police officer is "A Somewhere police officer, unlike the military goons they're usually polite, even if politely telling you to sod off.[paragraph break] She is wearing a black trousered uniform, with a flat cap with a checkerboard black and white pattern on its brim."

Instead of talking to police officer:

Say "[one of]Evenin['] all' says the Police Officer [or] '[']Ello [']Ello [']Ello! What's all this then?' says the Police Officer[cycling]"

A black front door is inside of exprime and outside of inprime.

Instead of opening black front door:

If player is inside exprime:

If player is wearing uniform2:

Move player to inprime;

now wizard of ounces is nowhere;


Say "You try and enter the door but the policeman steps in front of you and says 'Sorry Sir, only Somewhere troops and personnel are allowed inside.";

Else if player is inside inprime:

Move player to exprime.