Citizen of Nowhere — 36 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 50 - Outside The Barracks

exbarracks is a room

exbarracks is east of inner bailey.

Printed name of exbarracks is "Outside The Barracks"

description of exbarracks is "[exbarrack_description]"

To say exbarrack_description:

If player is barracked:

Say "A chain-link fence topped with vicious barbed wire surrounds the barracks. There is now a large hole in it that you cut to release the Nowhere soldiers.";


Say "A chain-link fence topped with vicious barbed wire surrounds the barracks, which have been converted into a holding camp for the Nowhere Troops. You can see some of the Nowhere soldiers walking around the exercise yard. There don't seem to be any guards around, but you'll never climb the fence."

a chain-link fence is inside exbarracks.

nowhere soldiers are a scenery object inside exbarracks

understand "troops" as nowhere soldiers

description of nowhere soldiers is "You can see a division of Nowhere soldiers pacing up and down in the exercise yard."

Instead of cutting chain-link fence:

If player is noted:

If player is carrying bolt cutter:

If player is vialed:

Say "You grab hold of the bolt cutters. With your new chemical enhanced strength you slice through the wire like butter. You cut a rectangle out of the chain-link fence - it clangs to the ground leaving behind a hole. [paragraph break]The Nowhere troops inside spot what you are up to and come running over. They stream through the hole in the fence and run westwards. At that moment you can hear cannon fire coming from the airship and return fire coming from the City Plaza. The Nowhere heavy artillery must have arrived, bless that filthy pigeon!";

Now player is barracked;

Now Nowhere artillery is inside city plaza;

Now nowhere soldiers are nowhere;


Say "You grab hold of the bolt cutters, but try as you might you are not strong enough to apply enough force to cut through the thick fence wire.";


Say "You are going to need a strong tool to get through this fence!";


Say "You remember the note that the PM gave you, it might be wise to get that delivered first before trying to help the imprisoned Nowhere troops."

Instead of climbing when player is inside exbarracks:

Say "You can't climb over this fence, it's impossible to get a decent grip and the top is laced with razor sharp barbed wire!"