Citizen of Nowhere — 39 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 53 Basic rules and phrases

To wait (T - a number) millisecond/milliseconds/ms before continuing, strictly:

if glulx timekeeping is supported:

now the waiting flag is true;

start a T millisecond timer;

if strictly:

wait strictly for the timer flag;


wait for the timer flag.

A glulx timed activity rule (this is the redirect from timer rule):

now the waiting flag is false;

stop the timer.

To start a/-- (T - a number) millisecond timer:

(- if (glk_gestalt(gestalt_Timer, 0)) glk_request_timer_events({T}); -)

To stop the/-- timer:

(- if (glk_gestalt(gestalt_Timer, 0)) glk_request_timer_events(0); -)

To wait strictly for the timer flag:

(- EscDelay(); -)

To wait for the timer flag:

(- WaitDelay(); -)