Citizen of Nowhere — 7 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 8 - Your Vegetable Patch

Your vegetable patch is a room.

Outside of your log cabin is your vegetable patch.

Description of vegetable patch is "Your log cabin lies in a clearing close to the edge of some woods. You have turned your small holding over to growing vegetables, which you send to be sold in the capital city Lost, as well as providing enough for yourself. It is early spring so there isn't much growing at the moment, apart from a few cabbages."

Inside the vegetable patch are some cabbages.

Description of cabbages is "A few heads of deep green savoy cabbages."

Cabbages are edible.

Understand "cabbage" as cabbages.

Instead of eating cabbages:

say "Raw veg aren't really your thing."

Instead of tasting cabbages:

Say "You nibble a bit of cabbage leaf, it tastes raw and bitter."

Instead of taking cabbages for the first time:

Say "With one hand you swiftly twist and lift a couple of heads of cabbage.";

Move cabbages to the player.

Instead of smelling your vegetable patch:

Say "You sniff the air, it is cold with a faint tang of the distant sea."

Instead of listening to your vegetable patch:

Say "You can only hear the faint rustling of the wind as it cuts across the vegetable patch."