Many of these games were created using the [Aetheria Game Engine](


"15 meses y un día" (15 months and one day),
written by Antonia Visiedo, using the Aetheria Game
Engine (AGE).
"A confusing beginning, from an unexpected perspective,
places you in a world that you have to explore, discover
and control in order to have justice made. You may go
unnoticed, set the record straight or defeat the enemy
completely, it's your choice."
This game can also be played on-line at


Insecto Mortal, v1.1, by Al-Khwarizmi.


El karma de la cepa, by Arthur Dick.


La Sexta Trompeta, by Edlobez.

# Una de Dragones V1.0

Una de dragones. Versión AGE, by Edlobez.


No mires, by Edlobez.

# Universo

Universo Digital, by Edlobez.


Atrapada, by Al-Khwarizmi.

tuid: y14m5106ix28qgu0

El libro que se aburría (Versión AGE), by Antonia Visiedo (Jenesis).
2012 remake en AGE con gráficos, música y efectos especiales.
Versión 0.3.
(the original Z-code version is in </if-archive/games/zcode/spanish/>libro.z5)


El Bosque Encantado, by Edlobez.

tuid: d6lz7rzt44gh9bq4

Los Inmortales rev. 2 + AGE0.4.7b, by AxMan.
Archive includes Aetheria game files and
interpreter (in Java).
(the original competition entry is in
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