# GlulxDrakmagiVanyar.exe
tuid: 7znbsq85er5hyk6c

A Windows installer containing the Swedish Glulx games
Drakmagi and Vanyar, both by Johan Berntsson, along with
the WinGlulxe interpreter. The installer was put
together by Fredrik Ramsberg.
(The Glulx Blorb file for Drakmagi is in
games/glulx/swedish/drakmagi.blb, and
the Glulx Blorb file for Vanyar is in

# bilbo.zip
tuid: 3sgtcqc0a0rfeai8

Bilbo version 2.1, a Swedish text adventure.
In spite of its name, this is actually an adaption of
Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. It is a very different
adventure, trying to reproduce the feeling of reading a
book rather than playing a game. It doesn't quite succeed,
but it's an interesting attempt, nevertheless.
Requires EGA (for minor graphics). QuickBasic source
included. Programmed by Nils Eng.
[file is linked to games/source/basic/swedish/bilbo.zip]

# lonewolf.zip
tuid: f1kj2vm6b28nyluy

Lone Wolf, by Thomas Lennerfors and Peeter Horm
a DOS adaptation of an old choose-your-own-adventure style
book in Swedish: Ensamma Vargen 1: Flykt undan morkret,
by Joe Devers.

# swedish.zip
tuid: lpv5kspv7dtuwkrq

Alcatraz and Grottor, two very simple Swedish text
adventures, supposed to show how to write adventures in
BASIC. Alcatraz requires CGA. Packaged by Nils Eng.

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