This directory contains files relating to Greg Boettcher's
2009 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# readme.txt

Information about the competition.


All of the entered games, available in one archive.

# FlusteredDuck.ulx
tuid: g4cgwblf9pzr91u

A Flustered Duck, by Jim Aikin. (Glulx)


Realm of Obsidian, by Amy Kerns.
(Windows, includes sounds)


Realm of Obsidian, by Amy Kerns.
(Windows, no sound)

tuid: 82n5x7de6chpln5r

The Milk of Paradise, by Josh Graboff. (Z-Code)

tuid: bzh907aohymvfac

Vague, by Richard Otter. (ADRIFT)

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