This directory contains Inform source code examples
contributed by members of the IF community

# 52.inf

An example program featuring a deck of cards with a
complex listing routine, by Anson Turner.
Release 3 / Serial number 971119.
Requires at least Inform library 6/7 to work properly,
as earlier versions cannot parse names like "the two of
hearts" correctly.


13 short Inform programming examples, by Al.


The "Isaac Newton's Beach" example from the DM4,
modified by Al to show object creation and

# Genie.inf

A demonstration of the scope property, by Al.


The threee example games from the Inform Beginner's Guide,
ported to the Triform library by "she's long gone".

# NearlyDark.txt

Nearly Dark Rooms, an example for a class of dimly dit
rooms where "take all" does not work, by Graham Nelson.
Posted by Joyce Haslam with Graham's permission.

# Peanuts.inf

A demonstration showing how properties can replace
attributes, by Al.

# Safe.inf

A demonstration of a game containing a safe with a
combination dial, by Al.

# echo.inf

A short game which gives an example of using the
BeforeParsing() entry point to simulate a room where
commands are echoed back to the player, much like
Zork I's Loud Room, by John Menichelli.

# massnoun.inf

Mass Nouns, a demonstration of how to handle items that
come in varying quantities, such as water or sand, written
by  Andrew Plotkin.

# massnoun.z5

A compiled version of Mass Nouns, a demonstration by
Andrew Plotkin.
Release 6 / Serial number 050421

# nalian.inf

An example implementation of a language puzzle, written
by Lucian Smith. Based on the puzzle in "The Edifice",
by the same author, and written to accompany an
article in XYZZYnews 16.

# spin.inf

Compass Spin, An Experiment in Low Strings and Relative
Directions by Brian D. Smith. Inform source code.
A demonstration of the use of relative directions,
i.e., "left", "right", "ahead", "back" etc.

# spin.z5

Compass Spin, An Experiment in Low Strings and Relative
Directions by Brian D. Smith. Compiled Z-code.
Release 1 / Serial number 971126

# surreal.inf

A demonstration of bitwise attributes, a way of creating
attributes beyond the 16 custom ones available in Inform.
Release 2, by Paris Downes.

# takeall.inf

An example Inform program which uses Kory Heath's revised
'ReviseMulti' function which gives control back to the
programmer, so that you can allow commands like 'TAKE ALL'
to work for items in containers or on supporters,
by Lucian Smith. Release 1.

# zorkbank.inf

The Bank of Zork, An Interactive Queueing Model,
by David Wildstrom. Inform source code.
A demonstration of a queueing system.

# zorkbank.z5

The Bank of Zork, An Interactive Queueing Model,
by David Wildstrom. Compiled Z-code.
Release 1 / Serial number 980110
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