This directory contains MS-DOS executables of games released
by Topologika Ltd., who have now given permission for these
games to be freely redistributed.

Several of the games were originally written on the Phoenix
system at Cambridge University, England.

tuid: 77ir1th0ea7su9qm

Acheton, by Jon Thackray, David Seal and
Jonathan Partington.

tuid: 6m06ajvdyslxxi8m

Avon, by Jonathan Partington.

tuid: zn2fmsu8qq95lbf6

Countdown to Doom, by Peter Killworth.

tuid: bh11oq849rqspg7v

Return to Doom, by Peter Killworth.

tuid: o2gjzn84u9xyy1d0

Last Days of Doom, by Peter Killworth.

tuid: neox2d3gwb8ubm1c

Hamil, by Jonathan Partington.

tuid: heevc68h8w5o0ylm

Hezarin, by Alex Shipp and Steve Tinney.

tuid: q36lh5np0q9nak28

Murdac, by Jonathan Partington.

tuid: qblwe4sbi01soljr

Philosophers Quest, by Peter Killworth.

tuid: 3rwn57i2b6nnnd2j

Spy Snatcher, by Jonathan Partington and
Jon Thackray.

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