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For more advanced C64 emulators see CCS64 and VICE

8 Items [02-Oct-1996]

64COPY 2.21, by Peter Schepers. A C64 archive file converter for the PC, modelled after Norton Commander 3.0. [04-Jun-1996]

C64S, Commodore 64 Software Emulator for PC by Miha Peternel. Demo version 1.0F (sep94), several games included. [14-Nov-1995]

Rick's C=64 Emulator Tools, by Rick Brennan [24-Nov-1997]

Personal C64, The C64 Emulator for the PC, German version, by Wolfgang Lorenz. [24-Nov-1997]

Personal C64, The C64 Emulator for the PC, English version, by Wolfgang Lorenz. [30-Mar-2002]

The Star Commander version 0.82, by Joe Forster. "The ultimate copy utility that handles the disk and tape images of the C64S emulator ... very similar to the Norton Commander." [30-Mar-2002]

External programs for Star Commander 0.82 (see above) to read and write many different archive formats. [13-Aug-1996]

Trans64 version 1.25, by Bernhard Schwall. Transfers files between a PC and a C64 floppy drive; comes with English and German documentation and user interface.