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This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's 2020 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

24 Items

2020readme.txt [06-Jan-2021]

Information about the competition. [04-Apr-2020]

4x4 Galaxy, by Agnieszka Trzaska (Twine) [31-Mar-2020]

77 Verbs, by Mathbrush (Inform/Glulx) [01-Apr-2020]

A Murder In Engrams, by Noah Lemelson (Twine)

AnotherLoveStory-Linux.tar.bz2 [02-Apr-2020]

Another Love Story (for Linux), by Hélène Sellier (Ren'Py) [02-Apr-2020]

Another Love Story (for Mac OSX), by Hélène Sellier (Ren'Py) [01-Apr-2020]

Assemblage of Angels, by Els White (Twine) [01-Apr-2020]

Braincase, by Dan Lance (Twine) [01-Apr-2020]

Catch that kitty, by Rohan (Twine) [01-Apr-2020]

composites, by B Minus Seven (Twine) [01-Apr-2020]

GUNBABY, by Damon L. Wakes (Twine) [10-May-2020]

Hawk the Hunter, by Jonathan B. Himes (Quest) [09-Apr-2020]

JELLY, by Tom Lento and Chandler Groover (Twine) [01-Apr-2020]

Khellsphree, by Ralfe Rich (Twine) [01-Apr-2020]

Napier's Cache, by Vivienne Dunstan (Inform/Glulx) [01-Apr-2020]

Quest for the Homeland, by Nikita Veselov (Ink) [01-Apr-2020]

silences, by beams (B Minus Seven) (Texture) [10-May-2020]

So Are the Days, by Dawn Sueoka (Twine) [10-May-2020]

All of the entered games, available in one archive. [01-Apr-2020]

States of Awareness, by Kerry Taylor (Twine) [28-Apr-2020]

The Game That Never Ends, by Earth Traveler (Inform/Glulx) [01-Apr-2020]

The Golden, by Kerry Taylor (Twine) [01-Apr-2020]

The Land of Breakfast and Lunch, by Daniel Talsky (Inform/Glulx) [09-Apr-2020]

The Prongleman Job, by Arthur DiBianca (Inform/Glulx)