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This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's 2021 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

42 Items

2021readme.txt [29-May-2021]

Information about the competition. [30-Mar-2021]

A Blank Page, by Edu Sánchez (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

An Amical Bet, by Eve Cabanié (Quest) [02-Apr-2021]

A strange dream, by Anaïs Tn (Quest) [21-Apr-2021]

Baggage, by Katherine Farmar (Inform/Glulx) [31-Mar-2021]

Blue November, by Lawrence Furnival (Twine) [15-Apr-2021]

Budacanta (for Mac OSX), by Alianora La Canta (Ren'Py) [15-Apr-2021]

Budacanta (for Windows), by Alianora La Canta (Ren'Py) [30-Mar-2021]

Copper Canyon, by Tony Pisculli (Ink) [31-Mar-2021]

Cycles (Excerpt), by Mike Marttila (Ink) [29-May-2021]

Eleanor, by Rob (Windows) [30-Mar-2021]

Excalibur, by J. J. Guest, G. C. Baccaris and Duncan Bowsman (Twine) [31-Mar-2021]

Eyewear Cleaner 2077: Demo, by Naomi Norbez (Twine) [10-Apr-2021]

Fish and Dagger, by grave snail games (Twine) [11-Apr-2021]

Hand of God, by Dana Freitas (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

Heroes!, by Bellamy Briks (Quest) [30-Mar-2021]

Journey to Ultimate Fightdown! (for Mac OSX), by Havilah "mwahahavilah" McGinnis (Ink) [14-Apr-2021]

Journey to Ultimate Fightdown! (for Windows), by Havilah "mwahahavilah" McGinnis (Ink) [13-Apr-2021]

Lady Thalia and the Seraskier Sapphires, by E. Joyce and N. Cormier (Twine) [31-Mar-2021]

Manikin Demo, by Rose Behar (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

Mean Mother Trucker, by Bitter Karella (Inform/Glulx) [01-Apr-2021]

Medicum Veloctic, by Lawrence M Marable (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

Miss No-Name, by Bellamy Briks (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

Misty Hills, by Giuliano Roverato Martins Pereira (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

Ned Nelson Really Needs a Job, by Eric Crepeau (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

Perihelion, by Tim White (Twine) [31-Mar-2021]

Picton Murder Whodunnit, by Sia See (Strand) [30-Mar-2021]

Project Arcmör, by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross (as Bitterly Indifferent Studios) (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

[PYG]MALION*, by C.J. (Twine) [30-Mar-2021]

Queenlash, by Kaemi Velatet (Twine) [31-Mar-2021]

So I Was Short Of Cash And Took On A Quest, by Anssi Raisanen (Inform/Glulx) [30-Mar-2021]

Some Space, by rittermi (Twine) [29-May-2021]

Sovereign Citizens, by Laura Paul and Max Woodring (Twine) [31-Mar-2021]

Space Diner, by Marta and Alexej (Python) [18-Aug-2021]

All of the entered games, available in one archive. [31-Mar-2021]

Sunny's Summer Vacation, by Lucas C. Wheeler (Twine) [05-Apr-2021]

Take the Dog Out, by Ell (Inform/Z) [31-Mar-2021]

Theatre of Spud, by D E Haynes (Python) [30-Mar-2021]

The Secret of Nara, by Ralfe Rich (Twine) [11-Apr-2021]

The Weight of a Soul, by Chin Kee Yong (Inform/Glulx) [31-Mar-2021]

Those Days, by George Larkwright (Twine) [31-Mar-2021]

Wintervale, by Ethan Erh (Twine)