The Adventure Definition Language by Ross Cunniff. ADL is a
superset of the older DDL, the Dungeon Design Language written in 1981 by
Michael Urban, Chris Kostanick, Michael Stein, Bruce Adler, and Warren Usui,
all of the UCLA Computer Club.

# DarkArmy.tar.Z

Dark Army, an R-rated, unfinished game for ADL, meant as a
programming example, by Miron Schmidt.
Source code only; needs calyx2.adl to compile.


a note about ADL, the Adventure Definition Language
by Ross Cunniff

# adl.lha

anonymous Amiga port of adl.tar.Z, including binaries

# adl.tar.Z

source code for ADL and two sample games: "Aardvark's Museum"
and "mpu"; all by Ross Cunniff


Adventure Definition Language for DOS, compiled by
Markku Yli-Pentila.

# calyx2.adl

a new standard library for ADL, based on standard.adl, but
enhanced and debugged.
Version 1.41 (14feb95), written by Miron Schmidt.
Unfortunately not fully compatible with standard.adl

# calyx2.doc

description of the above, based on ADL's manual page
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