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# sintacg3.zip
tuid: oxzk9o87rvgiosln

S.I.N.T.A.C. version G3 (Sistema Integrado de creacion de
Aventuras Conversacionales).
A Spanish text adventure development system for DOS.
A compiler, interpreter/debugger, linker, font generator,
music generator, graphics converter, documentation, and a
sample game (El secreto de Castronegro), all in Spanish.

# tutorial.exe

An animated, interactive tutorial for SINTAC,
also in Spanish.
Self-extracting archive for DOS.

# vs-runtimemini1.zip

Visual SINTAC runtime-mini 1/2

Mini-runtime needed if you only want to play Visual SINTAC
adventures (you'll need to download and decompress all of
them in the same location).

# vs-runtimemini2.zip

Visual SINTAC runtime-mini 2/2

# vs-runtime1.zip

Visual SINTAC runtime 1/4

Runtime files needed if you want to develop (and play)
Visual SINTAC adventures (you'll need to download and
decompress all of them in the same location).

# vs-runtime2.zip

Visual SINTAC runtime 2/4

# vs-runtime3.zip

Visual SINTAC runtime 3/4

# vs-runtime4.zip

Visual SINTAC runtime 4/4

# vs-1_1.zip

Visual SINTAC 1.1 (the system itself)
A Spanish visual IF develompent system.
Windows version only.
You'll need the runtime if you want to develop and play,
or mini-runtime if you only want to play adventures
created with Visual SINTAC.

# vs-avmodelo.zip

Starter adventure.
This is a skeleton adventure to build your own with
Visual SINTAC.

# vs-tutor.zip

A Visual SINTAC tutorial in PDF format.

# vs-vb6.zip

Source code of Visual SINTAC.
Needs Visual Basic 6 to compile.

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