This directory contains games for the Commodore 64
8-bit home computer (and its close relatives) produced
in the 1980s.

tuid: bxyjvatm1jn5eqnk
tuid: snylur1a197oiif4
tuid: d6dfrhp8g98mp3wg
tuid: e2y0j4op7hkzamgt
tuid: t2xfjce4yaqqiw9s

A collection of "adult" games, compiled by
Patrick Kellum, stored as a D64 disk image.
Please read contained plain text file ReadMe.txt.
Contains the following games:

- Farmers Daughter
- Sweet Sixteen
- Naughty Tales
- Madam Fifi's Whore House Adventure
- Mad Party Fucker

tuid: yh55ddwrvg32ceig
tuid: 4j05rwrv3b97f5tz
tuid: v0ley6hm830lepfr
tuid: wshx0ocn2u9rfvve

A set of adventure games for the C64 and
emulators, stored as a D64 disk image.
Contains the following games:

- Sorcerer's Castle
- Cavern Of Riches
- Trip To Atlantis
- Castle Adventure

tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: lkt6sm3mgarb02bo
tuid: v148gq1vx7leo8al
tuid: g7h92i8ucy0sfll2
tuid: z7ettlqezn4mcnng
tuid: bdnprzz9zomlge4b
tuid: tbrvwzmvgmmnavhl
tuid: fy9klru0b5swgnsz
tuid: g25uklrs45gj7e02
tuid: gti5j0nqvvqqvnzo
tuid: u1kmutsdwp8uys1h
tuid: up2ak731a6h2quna
tuid: ngi8ox3s9gfcand2
tuid: 4blbm63qfki4kf2p
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: daojnyuat3i5s7rm
tuid: ivja9rnfj25vnbzd
tuid: 2mh2g9qiz5lknm9s
tuid: 01fpne84vu6y11oq
tuid: mu9u26az5qzsgbm0
tuid: 9hdazx13kore1jzq
tuid: nix0c8s7s97lrhk1
tuid: 6dzy6mc93tf0nzfs
tuid: 5k1k500xig1q0ryb
tuid: tpagbmkmud7cl3uz
tuid: aa6m5ycux2y5iwuk
tuid: 1ugbskfqfh2f4cm9
tuid: nvluwe8oqoabwzea
tuid: l3zq4tokmvfl65vb
tuid: q6kx2h2dm6cr1sbt
tuid: n0msafezuc5pyvu8
tuid: n61uyfnxvl32owd1
tuid: yfawxvgmgz206wg5
tuid: p4wmau932ok8ydnj
tuid: licdh19ppulnmwbr
tuid: gss2e7619ri01v2d
tuid: xpu2ut59zeayt91w
tuid: z48el4mjqvwax3mc
tuid: s4ymecwvma7sllme
tuid: 1nknb6yrwsng1od1
tuid: 4f5m8trlobzrqi0a
tuid: fir34any9c36b39w
tuid: 4ea1gb4jhszex4hd
tuid: jghavc3o9tui4g2o
tuid: 4qwxgn2nby6zwlhq
tuid: 3wmfwxd412wd8igf
tuid: f3thdwh28uuezphh
tuid: rmh7fc9qmdl3w947
tuid: 4lv4wa8wkvhhazf6
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv
tuid: 16dfu06zzfijcsdn
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7
tuid: oiazjb4r7n49thmu
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: wshx0ocn2u9rfvve

43 D64 disk images with one or more adventures
each, for the C64 and emulators.

tuid: qqxz8fab88gelyoj
tuid: ctx7jw9v9ionr4n8
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7

A set of adventure games for the C64 and emulators,
stored as a D64 disk image.
Contains the following games:

- Adventure-1, a BASIC text adventure
- Vampyre Hunter, a two part adventure from the
magazine Compute!'s Gazette. The first part is
text only, while the seond is a graphical
- Caves of Silver, a BASIC text adventure.
- Colossal Adventure, a version of Adventure.

# Naughty_Boy.sda

Naughty Boy, an updated version of Naughty Tales.

tuid: ryt1pnm1qn1ofxt1

D64 disk image of the adult text adventure
"Sex Vixens from Space".  You are Captain Brad
Stallion, owner and operator of the one-man space
vehicle known throughout the galaxy as the
"Big Thruster".

# SoftpornAdventure.d64

A conversion of the Apple II game Softporn Adventure
to the C64, by Jan Kruse.

tuid: yyj1y9dua9x9k345

Valley of Treasures, by Charles Grey.
(an Apple II version is in games/appleII/


Werner's Quest Parts 1-4, a series of parodies of
Zork and Enchanter. Originally written by Jan Aberg
and converted to ZCode by Fredrik Ramsberg.
Archive includes ZCode game files and the C64
originals in a D64 disk image.
[file is linked to games/zcode/]

tuid: hg3h9ssfrz4cha01
tuid: 4isql17ogkhtntz4
tuid: a39ynqug682stshl
tuid: w0i2etbuig3itys0
tuid: 7jtxaga7p3qytim9
tuid: 3l7sdvp1cdycfal2
tuid: qx0s1z0bo398uhkb

A collection of games written using GAC by
William Quinn:

- Back to the Present Parts 1 to 6
- LA Adventure Parts 1 and 2
- Lifeform
- Nightmare 1 and 2
- Squeak Parts 1 and 2
- Undercover

tuid: nablpb1lcrkgm20v
tuid: hvgaw9oatn359mgc
tuid: luicqu14pcas5yiw
tuid: 8c61t89nqx227ud4
tuid: 2mh2g9qiz5lknm9s
tuid: y3o5p0vhe1x4pcb1
tuid: 66m5m7t0gmcssqk0
tuid: rt5tjecjnwsqula9
tuid: 3huae58koyytyklu

A collection of text adventures with graphics.
Included are the following games:

- Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (NOT Infocom game)
- Federation
- Graver Robbers
- Lost City Adventure
- Castle of Mydor
- Mystery of Munroe Manor
- Murder on the Waterfront
- Mystery Island
- Thermonuclear Wargames

tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv
tuid: v7mshw13jvqnie1c
tuid: 4s6xy0r9wbztg7y2
ifwiki: Adventure

A set of adventure games for the C64 and CBM PET.
D64 disk image and de-tokenized BASIC source code.
Contains the following games:

- A condensed port of Adventure (aka Colossal Cave),
by Jim Butterfield
- Haunted Mansion, by John O'Hare
- Quest, by Roger Chaffee, adapted by David A. Hook

[file is linked from games/cbm_pet/]

# african.sfx
tuid: s4ymecwvma7sllme

African Adventure or, In Search of Dr. Livingston,
by R. & B. Fullerton and C. & K. Russell, 9/80,
adapted and expanded by David Malmberg, with
save routines modified and compiled with Blitz!
by Gary Driggs.
(an MS-DOS port is in games/pc/

# afrsrc.lzh
tuid: s4ymecwvma7sllme

ASCII and tokenized BASIC source code of
African Adventure.

tuid: daojnyuat3i5s7rm

Asylum version 3.0C, D64 disk image of an
illustrated text adventure by William F. Denman, Jr.

tuid: zw8qc2a1uvnqh1jb

Escape from Bastow Manor, D64 disk image of an
illustrated text adventure, circa 1983, with bug
fixes by Dark Fiber.

# castle-quest
tuid: ivja9rnfj25vnbzd

Castle Quest, by Ben Petroff and Paul Birkett,
revised by Mike Demmer (Commodore educational
software, 1983).

tuid: yzlonhcccfz0lci7

Crazy Adventure, written by Richard Bayliss
using GAC.

# dogstar.sfx
tuid: adnqhkzfgrrt5mtv

Dog Star Adventure, a Star Wars game by
Lance Miklus. PET conversion by David Malmberg.


The Dragon Diamond, an adventure in 2 parts,
written using GAC by Kenneth Pedersen.
Archive containing C64 files.

# dragondi.d64
ifwiki: The_Dragon_Diamond
tuid: sfimhjmynbf9fa76

The Dragon Diamond, an adventure in 2 parts,
written using GAC by Kenneth Pedersen.
D64 disk image.

tuid: 25xyzzvz4wdgpcaz

Framed, written by Richard Bayliss using GAC.

# garyd.txt

A note from Gary Driggs about the games he compiled.

# haunted.sfx
tuid: v7mshw13jvqnie1c

Haunted Mansion, by John O'Hare, 1980, with save
routines modified and compiled with Blitz! by
Gary Driggs.

# hausrc.lzh
tuid: v7mshw13jvqnie1c

ASCII and tokenized BASIC source code of
Haunted Mansion.

# inheritance.prg
tuid: fc45hojyz2kh0ux5

The Inheritance, by Alex Dijkstra, a translation of
the author's Dutch game De Erfenis.
(the Dutch original is in games/c64/dutch/de_erfenis.prg)

tuid: ruut9x5knzy39pt6

Adventure of a Lifetime, written by Richard Bayliss
using GAC.

tuid: 1rea34vqnz3mtyq1

The Mini-Zork demo from Infocom, put onto a C64 disk
along with the text accompanying it from the UK C64
magazine Zzap! 64. D64 disk image.
[file is linked from infocom/demos/]

# miser.sfx
tuid: j0rc3pj9kgfv1sd6

Miser, by Mary Jean Winter, 1983, with save routines
modified and compiled with Blitz! by Gary Driggs.

# misersrc.lzh
tuid: j0rc3pj9kgfv1sd6

ASCII and tokenized BASIC source code of Miser.

tuid: hl409qy5jvjkb4fm

O'Hare's Adventure #2, a treasure hunt set in
a desert.

# scott-adams

Scott Adam's games for the C64.

# sorcadvt.sfx
tuid: v0ley6hm830lepfr

Sorcerer's Castle Adventure, by Greg Hassett.

# sorcerer.sfx
tuid: v0ley6hm830lepfr

Sorcerer's Castle Adventure, by Greg Hassett,
adapted by John O'Hare, with save routines
modified and compiled with Blitz! by Gary Driggs.

# sorsrc.lzh
tuid: v0ley6hm830lepfr

ASCII and tokenized BASIC source code of
Sorcerer's Castle.

# swb.sfx
tuid: 9c2pikrylgf3upsk

Station Wagon Blues, by Gary Driggs.

# swb.txt
tuid: 9c2pikrylgf3upsk

A short introduction to Station Wagon Blues.

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