# alvilur.zip
tuid: t4mhfwt7u3714cct

"Az Alvilág Ura" (also known as "Lord Of The
Hell 2"), written in Hungarian by Robert Olessak in 1990.
The archive contains a C64/128 disk image, a cut-down
tape version originally made for datasette players, scans
of the packaging, and a solution.

# brekk.zip
tuid: bw3mbnfm43viszjq

Brekk!, written in Hungarian by Robert Olessak in 1988.

# galya.zip
tuid: n6fmkxfu9kyc2rf

"A gálya" and its English translation "The Galleon",
written by Robert Olessak in 1993.
Archive includes Hungarian and English versions, along
with previews of this game and its sequel, all as C64/128
disk images.

# horsekil.zip
tuid: n6fmkxfu9kyc2rf

Details of "Horsekiller", by Robert Olessak, an unfinished
sequel to the author's "The Galleon".

# loth.zip
tuid: 93sx8u7d0i7vrhut

"Lord Of The Hell", written in Hungarian by Robert Olessak
in 1988.

# pa2.zip
tuid: c7vy3zan5dk4lrle

"A pokol angyala 2" (in English, "The Angel of the Hell 2"),
an unfinished but playable adventure written by
Robert Olessak and Mantis Software (Attila Heredi,
Zoltan Nagy and Oliver Gaspar) between 1994 and 1996.

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