Citizen of Nowhere — 15 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 16 - Southbank of the River Void

The Southbank of the River Void is a room.

Description of the southbank of the river void is "You are on the Southbank of the River Void. The river is roaring past with a fierce current."

The River Void2 is fixed in place. river void2 is in southbank.

Description of river void2 is "The River Void is fast, deep and wide. The water level is unusually high, and it is roaring loudly as it flows past. There is a bridge across it that the North Nowhere council have finally fixed, after years of it being broken.".

Printed name of river void2 is "River Void".

Understand "River" or "River Void" as river void2.

Indefinite article of river void2 is "The".

South of NBank is the southbank of the river void.

The Broken Bridge2 is fixed in place. bridge2 is inside the southbank of the river void.

Description of bridge2 is "A wooden footbridge, with wooden handrails curves elegantly over the river."

Understand "bridge" as bridge2.

Printed name of bridge2 is "Bridge".