Citizen of Nowhere — 16 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 17 - Coley's Mill

Coley's Mill is a room.

East of the Southern Meadow is Coley's Mill.

Description of Coley's Mill is "You are standing in the yard of what used to be Coley's Mill. On one side of the yard is the new clock tower, on the other the derelict remains of a huge windmill."

A bucket is a container.

A bucket is inside Coley's Mill.

Description of bucket is "A small conical tin bucket with a list attached to it.[paragraph break]The list reads:

Get filled.

Get carried.

Swim with dolphins."

A spade is an object.

A spade is inside Coley's Mill.

Description of spade is "A small spade, it's a ground breaking invention."

A clock tower is inside Coley's Mill.

A clock tower is fixed in place.

Description of clock tower is "The clock tower is a relatively new building. It was built to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Nowhere becoming a Republic. It is built from limestone blocks with a conical tower. The clock reads [time of day]".

Every turn when the minutes part of the time of day is 0:

If player is inside Coley's Mill:

say "Ding-dong! The Clock Tower chimes [the time of day][paragraph break] As the clock strikes the hour a mechanical mouse and cat appear from beneath either side of the clock face. They move to face each other, the mouse is wearing a musketeer costume, the cat looks angry. In a quick, sharp movement the mouse thrusts its tiny sword at the cat, which spins around and shoots back inside the tower. The mouse takes off its hat, bows and strides triumphantly back to its hole. The clock ticks on.[paragraph break] ";


Do nothing.

Waiting until is an action applying to one time.

Understand "wait until [time]" as waiting until.

Carry out waiting until a time:

while the time of day is before the time understood:

try waiting;

follow the every turn rules;

follow the advance time rule.

Instead of listening to coley's mill:

Say "You can hear the ticking of the clock tower and the rhythmical clonk of its wheels and gears inside."

A propwindmill is inside coley's mill.

A propwindmill is fixed in place.

Printed name of propwindmill is "derelict windmill"

understand "windmill" and "derelict windmill" as propwindmill.

Description of propwindmill is "An old run down windmill, it was still working up until a few years ago, but now there is a steam powered mill in the midlands that has taken all the trade. The stone tower is still in tact, but the wooden cap and sails have rotted and collapsed into the roof."

The small red door is a door. It is inside from Coley's Mill and outside from the derelict windmill. The small red door is locked. The long key unlocks the small red door. The long key is nowhere.

Description of long key is "An old iron mortise key."

Description of small red door is "[reddoor_description]"

To say reddoor_description:

If location is coley's mill:

Say "A small wooden door with flaking red paint leads into the derelict windmill.";

If location is derelict windmill:

Say "A small wooden door with flaking red paint leads out of the derelict windmill.";

A sign3 is inside coley's mill.

Printed name of sign3 is "sign".

Understand "sign" as sign3

The description of the sign3 is "The sign is attached to the small red door in the side of the windmill is reads[paragraph break][italic type] [']Danger! This building is unstable. Enter at your own risk![']"

Instead of reading sign3:

Say "[italic type]Danger! This building is unstable. Enter at your own risk!"

Sign3 is fixed in place.