Citizen of Nowhere — 20 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 21 - Southern Woodland Dell

The Southern Woodland Dell is a room.

Description of the southern woodland dell is "

A small secluded grassy hollow, there is thick lush grass under foot.

You can see a horse-drawn caravan, and a horse unhitched from it.

Sitting on the caravan steps is a bearded man in ragged clothing. It's your old friend the Tinker who helped you build your log cabin, along with his workhorse Dobby."

Southeast of the Southbank of the River Void is the Southern Woodland Dell.

The horse-drawn caravan is in southern woodland dell.

Caravan is fixed in place.

Description of caravan is "A horseshoe shaped cylindrical wooden caravan. Its body is pale green and the ribbing is painted red. It has large yellow cartwheels shod with metal.[paragraph break] On the side is a lettering reading: 'All smithing and repair work undertaken, enquire with driver.'".

Printed name of horse-drawn caravan is "horse-drawn caravan".