Citizen of Nowhere — 21 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 22 - Dobby

Dobby is inside the Southern Woodland Dell.

Dobby is a rideable animal.

Dobby is female.

Description of Dobby is "A beautiful Irish Cob horse, standing 14 hands tall and piebald with white patches scattered over her black body. She has a silky long black and white mane, and white feathering hair on her lower legs.

She looks at you, snorts gently and nods her head."

Instead of examining Dobby when the player is carried by Dobby:

Say "You look down at Dobby, her black and white mane waves gently in the breeze."

Understand "horse" as Dobby.

Patting is an action applying to one visible thing.

Understand "pat [something]" as patting.

Instead of patting Dobby:

Say "You pat the side of Dobby's neck. Dobby nickers gently in response."

Instead of stroking Dobby:

Say "You stroke the horse, her hair is silky and warm, you can feel the contours of her muscles, she nickers and nuzzles against your hand. "

Instead patting something: say "You pat [regarding the noun][them]."

Instead of talking to dobby:

Say "Dobby cocks her head, pricks up her ears and listens to you. It's just a shame that the only animals on planet Everything that can talk are pigeons and bats! The gods are cruel."