Citizen of Nowhere — 9 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 10 - Southern Meadow

The Southern Meadow is a room.

South of the Northern meadow is the Southern Meadow.

Description of the southern meadow is "You are in the Southern Meadow on the edge of the Northern Woods."

There is an old tree stump inside the southern meadow.

The tree stump is a supporter.

The old tree stump is fixed in place.

Description of old tree stump is "The damp and rotting remains of a tree that fell down many years ago."

There are some mushrooms on the old tree stump.

Understand "mush" as mushrooms.

Description of mushrooms is "

The mushrooms are small and brown, with spindly stalks and a large conical cap that obscures the gills. You recognise them as being of the psilocybin 'hallucinogenic' genus. Dylan accidently ate some of these a few years a go and spent six hours staring at a dandelion. "

Mushrooms are edible.

Instead of eating mushrooms:

Say "You decide that a six hour hallucinogenic mind bending trip would probably not be the best idea right now, and decline to eat them."