Citizen of Nowhere — 10 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 11 - Northern Woods

The Northern Woods is a room.

South of the Southern Meadow is the Northern Woods.

Description of northern woods is "You are on a path in the woods that runs from North to South. The trees are densely packed; shards of sunlight stab through the small gaps in the canopy. It is humid in here. The floor of the forest is thick with leaf litter from countless autumns."

The Leaf litter is inside the northern woods.

The Leaf litter is scenery.

Description of leaf litter is "a multitude of different shapes, sizes and colours of leaf, from many autumns, some of them crumble to dust when touched."

Instead of taking leaf litter:

Say "You have no use for it."

Some trees are inside the Northern Woods.

Trees are scenery.

Description of trees is "Densely packed trees surround the narrow path that you are on, some are young saplings that are already racing upwards to the scarce light above the canopy, others are huge, gnarled and twisted, and look as if they have been here since the dawn of mankind."

Twisted Oak is inside the northern woods.

Twisted oak is fixed in place.

Rule for printing the name of a twisted oak:

Say "a twisted oak";

omit contents in listing.

Understand "tree" as twisted oak.

Description of a twisted oak is "An enormous oak tree lies to the side of the path. It's trunk and branches are twisted into contorted and tortured shapes like writhing serpents."

Knocking is an action applying to one visible thing.

Understand "knock [something]" and "knock on [something]" as knocking.

Instead of knocking [something]:

Say "That wouldn't achieve much."