Citizen of Nowhere — 11 of 40

Luke A Jones

Release 1

Section 12 - Lonesome Hollow

The Lonesome Hollow is a room.

East of the Northern Woods is the Lonesome Hollow.

The printed name of The Lonesome Hollow is "The Lonesome Hollow".

Description of the Lonesome Hollow is "You are in the Lonesome Hollow. An old river once ran here and carved out a narrow valley. The marshy boggy ground undulates with overgrown grassy mounds, stunted trees and tangled weeds."

A hut is inside the lonesome hollow.

The printed name of the hut is "a wooden shack"

A hut is fixed in place.

Understand "wooden", "shack" and "wooden shack" as hut.

Description of the hut is "A ramshackle wooden shack. It looks as if it has been made out of old planks, and an old brass and glass ship's porthole serves as a window set inside the door. It is covered in brightly painted mandala patterns.[paragraph break] There is the strong scent of sandalwood emanating from the gap around the porthole and the door which is fitted into the rest of the shack at a near 45 degree angle."

Porthole is a scenery object inside the lonesome hollow.

Description of porthole is "What looks like a ship's porthole is serving as a window on one side of the shack. The curtains are closed so you can't see in."

There is a stone sculpture inside the Lonesome Hollow.

The stone sculpture is fixed in place.

Description of the stone sculpture is "An exquisitely carved sandstone sculpture. It is around 6 feet high and consists of a rabbit meditating in the lotus position. In one paw the rabbit is holding a human skull, in the other a lotus flower."

The human skull is part of the stone sculpture.

The lotus flower is part of the stone sculpture.

Instead of examining the human skull for the first time:

Say "A perfectly carved human skull with a crown. It's likeness to your late father causes a reflective catch in your throat. Dylan senses your discomfort and nuzzles his wet nose against your hand."

Description of the human skull is "A perfectly carved human skull with a crown."

Description of the lotus flower is "An elegantly carved lotus flower. Its circle of large petals curl inwards to cradle a spherical centre."

Outside of the wooden shack is the lonesome hollow.

Instead of entering hut:

Try going inside.