# AndroidMines.zip
tuid: 10lmbbwutsf2m3tt

Mines version 2011.12.26 for Android. A randomly
generated maze exploring game, by James L. Dean.

# JMines.zip
tuid: 10lmbbwutsf2m3tt

JMines version 2.4, a randomly generated maze exploring
game, by James L. Dean.
Archive contains Java source code and compile class files.
(a C version is in games/pc/CMines.zip, and
a Javascript/PDF version is in games/pdf/Mines.pdf)

# MysticalAdventure.zip
tuid: spsnwkprik35xw62

The Mystical Adventure, by Giacomo Benso.

# PalaceOfShadows.zip
tuid: ugxd6kt5ptf4g7kf

Palace of Shadows, version 1.0, by Christos Stogiannopoulos.
Archive contains Java executables (HTML and console
versions), game file, documentation and Java source code.

# bork.zip
tuid: 6mj6elhzndvhew99

Bork: The Great Abortion of A Coherent Narrative. Includes
Java class files and source code.

# catchamonster.zip

Catch a Monster, version 1.0, shareware, by Chris Broadribb.
"You are a professional monster catcher called to a
suburban house to catch a viscous monster lurking

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