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adventure_cpm.tar.gz [03-May-2016]

CP/M executable of the 375 point version of Colossal Cave, by The Software Toolworks. This is an expansion and port by Walt Bilofsky to the 8080/Z80 of Jim Gillogly's UNIX C port of Wood's original code. [17-May-2019]
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Barsoom Adventure #1: The Lost City, by Susan Schnitger. [03-Jul-2020]
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CP/M port of Colossal Cave Adventure, ported by Mike Goetz. Version C01.1, March 1987, (580 points). Includes Goetz's C source code for the A-code munger and interpreter, and instructions on how to build the game on a modern system. [21-Oct-2020]
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CP/M ports of Colossal Cave Adventure, ported by Mike Goetz. Included are version A02 (350 points) with Fortran source, versions B00 and B01 (both 550 points), B02 and B03 (580 points), and tools to extract some approximation to A-code source from the version B games. [file is linked to games/source/] [09-Jun-2019]

A sampler of several freeware Z-code adventures, put together by Carsten Dost. This will work with most CP/M Systems with a 80x25 terminal and at least 64k of memory. Included games are Cat's Eye, Deja Vu and Moonglow.